How to Write an Internship Application Letter

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Internship is a very important part of a student life as it gives them the opportunity to put all they have learned into practice. It can also give them a competitive advantage as they look forward for job opportunities after school. Many students are always overwhelmed when it comes to writing a good internship application letter, which  is a very crucial key to getting an internship opportunity.

If you are always staring blank at a word document with no clue on where to begin, worry not. This article on how to write an internship application letter will give you all the details that will guide you through.

What you need to know about writing an internship application letter;

  • Individualize your cover letter and make it match your past experiences
  • Make your achievements measurable- you should give accurate results of past academic achievements or any other coursework relevant to the internship program.
  • A cover letter is a supplement to your CV.
  • Use business letter format and a suitable font e.g. Times New Roman or Calibri.

How to Write an Internship Application Letter

Master the format

The format refers to the appearance of the letter. This is the first thing the human resource department will see before reading your application letter. Therefore, you have to make it as formal and appealing as possible. It is advisable to use a business format. Any good format will contain the following things;

  1. Contact information. This should be at the top of your application letter. It should contain your full name, phone number, and professional email. In addition, you can add your LinkedIn profile (optional). Beneath all your details, you should also add the receiver’s information and the date.
  2. Salutation. This refers to greeting the recruiter of the company. It is recommended to use the hiring manager’s name since it grabs his/her attention. You can research the company’s hiring manager to get the official names. However, if you are unsure about the hiring manager’s name, you can use; “Dear Sir/Madam” or “To whom it may concern”.
  3. Opening statement. Your opening statement should attract attention, be short and memorable. Go straight to the point and introduce yourself and the position you are applying for.
  4. Body. The body should be at least two paragraphs. Let it not be too long since recruiters are dealing with thousands of application letters. Use simple English and attention-grabbing language. Talk about your education, why you are the best fit at the company, and mention any relevant coursework you have done and is relevant to the position you are seeking.
  5. Closing paragraph. This is the last part of the internship application letter. At this point, you can thank the recruiter for taking the time to read through your letter. You can also include a call to action and add any left-out information.
  6. Closing salutation. This marks the end of your application letter. You can use words such as; Warm Regards, Sincerely, or Kind Regards.

Mention the position you are applying for from the beginning

Recent reports show that many recruiters will not read the entire internship application letter if it is not customized to the role you are applying for. The only way to customize your application letter to fit into the position you are applying for is to state the position you’re applying for in the opening statement. This will not only show that you have tailored your whole letter to the specific role but also you understand why you are applying for the internship and not just applying randomly.

Use the right keywords

Most hiring managers tend to skim through your application letter to note if you have used the right keywords for the internship position you are looking for. For example, if you are looking for a software developer position, you can use keywords such as; good planner, problem solver, excellent collaborator, innovator, excellent organization, and time management skills. You can also point out that you can use different programming languages such as; PHP, JavaScript, Java, and python.

Mention your Education

Most hiring managers would want to know if you are the best fit for the internship opportunity. Considering it is an internship application letter, you may have little work experience or none at all. Therefore, mentioning your level of education or relevant coursework can come in handy. If you are applying for an internship as a Medic in a certain hospital, mention all relevant courses and related accomplishments.

Highlight background for your skills

Anybody can claim to have the required skills to get a certain job. It is therefore important to provide a shred of strong background evidence that shows where you acquired any skill you have mentioned in the application letter. If you have mentioned that you have great communication skills in your application letter, provide relevant experience that shows you have that skill. Point out where and when you got the skill. It may help you snatch that internship opportunity you are looking for.

State why you are the best fit for the position

Apart from stating what you are good at, explain why you are the best fit for the position. Many companies will tend to hire interns based on the value they are bringing to them. If you provide something unique, the company will give you a shot. Many students tend to leave out this part when seeking an interview. Therefore, you should strive to connect the dots between what the company is looking for and how you can help them satisfy their needs.

Explain what you stand to gain during the Internship Program

Internship programs are learning experiences for interns. Therefore, you should indicate in your internship application letter how the position will help you in building a career. It shows the hiring manager that you are self-aware of the benefits you’ll get from the internship and how it will help you grow professionally.

Proofread your Internship application letter

You must check for any grammatical errors in your work. Try to make it as short and simple as possible. Avoid too much usage of passive voices and lengthy sentences.

Believe in yourself and everything will fall into place. All the Best in your application!!

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