Everything you need to know about UNICEF Scholarships and How to Apply

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Studying abroad is a dream for many students. However, most students do not get to achieve this dream due to the expensive cost of studying abroad. If you have yearned for studying at world-class universities around the world, worry not. This article will gives you an insight into everything you need to know about UNICEF scholarships.

The United Nations Children’s Emergency Fund (UNICEF) has made it possible for less privileged students around the world to get an opportunity to learn in some of the best universities in the world.

There are numerous UNICEF scholarships for international students around the world. Each has its requirements. They also offer different courses. Most of the scholarships cover entire degree programs, Master’s courses, and Ph.D. programs. After filling in the application form, send all the documents to United Nations Children’s Emergency Fund (UNICEF) using the DHL Student offer.

Here are some UNICEF scholarships:

HKADC Overseas Arts Administration Scholarship

This is a fully-funded UNICEF scholarship for international students. HKADC Overseas Arts Administrations Scholarships are offered by the Hong Kong Arts Development Council (ADC). All international students from different parts of the world are eligible for the scholarship. It offers Master’s programs in the following areas; Marketing and Communication, Art project Management, Arts Policy and Administrations, Development and Entrepreneurship, and Research and Analysis. The value for the scholarship is HK$450,000.

To apply for this scholarship, VISIT their official website.

Ritchie – Jennings Memorial Scholarship Program

This is a partially funded UNICEF scholarship. It is offered by the Association of Certified Fraud Examiners (ACFE). The Ritchie – Jennings Memorial Scholarship is open to all international students. The scholarship enables students to pursue Undergraduate and Master’s programs in the following areas; Finance, Criminal Justice, Business administration, and Accounting. The deadline for applying for this scholarship is on 4th February. The scholarship award recipients will be notified on 20th April and Scholarship Awards distributed on 2nd May. The scholarship grants students a total of US$ 1000 – 10,000 to cater for their tuition expenses. You can take the scholarship in any given country.

Eligibility Criteria

  • Graduate students must be enrolled in 6 semester hours (or equivalent) per term
  • Two recommendation forms must be submitted on behalf of the applicant
  • Students must provide Official Transcript(s) showing all completed college or university courses
  • Students must submit a completed Ritchie- Jennings Memorial Scholarship application
  • Students must be currently enrolled at an accredited, four-year college or university with enrollment through the 2022- 2023 academic year.

CLICK HERE to download the application form and learn more about the Ritchie- Jennings Memorial scholarships.

Royal Society International Exchange program

This is a partial funding international scholarship offered by The Royal Society for international students. This scholarship is open for students who wish to pursue Natural Sciences. The scholarship grants students a total of 12,000 Euros to cater for tuition fees, travel allowances, and research expenditure. If you get the scholarship, you can study in any of the leading UK universities or overseas.

To learn more about the scholarship, CLICK HERE.

POGO- SCOR Visiting Fellowships for Developing countries

The POGO- SCOR Visiting Fellowships for Developing Countries is a partially funded scholarship for international students. The scholarship is offered by The Scientific Committee on Antarctic Research (SCAR). However, not all international students are eligible for the scholarship. The scholarship is granted for students taking Ocean Observation. Students can take the POGO- SCOR Visiting Fellowship scholarship at universities and research institutes in developing countries.

CLICK HERE, to learn more about the scholarship and download the application forms.

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