8 Most Underrated Courses in the University

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What do you think makes a course underrated? Are there indeed courses that can provide you with a successful career path but are so unpopular? Read on to find the answers to these questions by discovering the most underrated courses in the University.

One of the major disappointments student face is studying a course completely different from their course of choice. Unfortunately, this is a common occurrence, especially in Nigerian federal universities. However, you do not know that some of these courses are as good as those major courses you were dying to study; they are only underrated.

When you look at the dynamics of job creation in relation to globalization today, you will discover that skills play a significant role in determining how people can get employed and build a career. It is no longer tied to studying a profitable course. So therefore, no course can be regarded as a “waste of time” anymore; it all boils down to how you can transform the knowledge you gained studying the course into a skill that is fit to help you build a career.

As a young applicant looking to pick a course to study, here as the eight most underrated courses in the University you can go for;

8 Most Underrated Courses in the University

1. Guidance and Counseling.

Sadly, not many understand the importance of Guidance and Counseling to the development of society. It is often listed as one of the most underrated courses in the University. Guidance is the study of how to manage people and offer them solutions to social issues while Counseling, on the other hand, deals with studying how to help people make the right decisions. The two courses complement each other and they are often highly sought after, especially in a society where mental health is a priority.

Disciplines in Guidance and Counselling include; Addictions Counselor, Clinical Professional Counselor, and Chemical Dependency Counsellor. Places graduates of this course can work include; mental health facilities, hospitals, inpatient or outpatient detoxification centres, residential care facilities, and geriatric-related facilities.

2.  Theatre Arts

Eight out of ten people would refuse an offer to study theatre arts due to the societal stigma attached to this course. This is quite sad as the entertainment industry which is the career path for most theatre practitioners has generated millions of job opportunities worldwide. Moreover, a high percentage of most countries’ economies are dependent on the income generated from movies and music production. And theatre arts, which is the industry’s bedrock, is always categorised among the most underrated courses in the University.

The study of theatre arts, also known as theatre and performing arts, involves learning the collaborative arts, which combines elements such as words, voice, dance, plays, and songs. Graduates of this course can become actors, dancers, musicians, screenwriters, directors, stage managers, content creators, and theatre arts therapists.

3.  Hospitality & Tourism Management

Hospitality & Tourism Management is one of the most beautiful courses to study in the University. This course is a management study that teaches students how to manage people and businesses. Graduates of Hospitality & Tourism Management can work as travel agents, tour guides, customer service representatives, tourist information centre representatives, and booking agents. Clubs, resorts, cafes, hotels, banks, etc., are where you can find graduates of this course. It is also one of the most underrated courses in the University.

4. Nursing

Nursing is one of the most underrated courses in the University; most applicants would rather pick medicine, pharmacy, or anatomy before they consider nursing, which is quite sad. However, like other medical and natural science courses, it is also an interesting course with a good career path.

The study of nursing deals with learning how to care for individuals, families, and communities by promoting health care, preventing illnesses, and taking care of the ill, disabled, and dying people.

People who study this course are called nurses and are as important to society as the course. For example, nurses are usually the first to attend to health emergencies. Their other responsibilities include; administering medications, performing diagnostic tests and medical examinations, and working alongside physicians to care for patients.

Nursing is a course for both men and women; it is sad however that men are often discouraged from studying the course in Africa due to societal pressures. Nursing roles include; mental health nurse, adult nurse, children’s nurse, nursing associate, and learning disability nurse.

5. Physics

A popular misconception about studying physics is that physicists will only become teachers and lecturers. This is, however, not true, as there are many areas graduates of physics can venture into.

Physics, as the name implies, is the study of the natural order (physical plane of matter, motion, force, and energy) and its interactions between objects and energy in the environment. Studying physics will expose you to learning different elements and how they form together to impact the earth.

This is one of the most underrated courses in the University. Physics, like many science disciplines, is a broad field; here are some of the areas covered in this field of study; Particles and Fields, Materials Physics, Laser Science, Chemical Physics, Biological Physics, Atomic, Molecular, and Optical Physics, Astrophysics, Computational Physics, Condensed Matter Physics, etc. As a physicist, you can work in a research institute, both private and government-owned, and a production plant or industry.

6.  Sociology

Sociology studies the social environment, human behaviour, and the impact of those behaviours on the environment. This is one of the most underrated courses in the University. As a sociologist, you develop the ability to view the world in a different approach and even predict how human interaction can affect economic activities. Sociology is a field that is dynamic and it keeps getting upgraded as social changes occur. As a graduate of this discipline, you can work as a Human Resource Manager, Market Analyst, Quality Control Officer and Manager, Customer Care Representative, and Bank Representative.

7.  Education

Education is one of the largest disciplines in the University. This course covers many areas, and sadly, people often get discouraged from studying any education courses. Some of the popular education courses offered in the University include; Science Education, Arts Education, Adult Education, History Education, Guidance & Counsellor Education.

Education is one aspect of human lives that will never cease to exist. The only thing that can be changed about education is how humans receive it. For example, years back, physical learning was common; nowadays, online learning has taken over. However, this does not mean that learning has stopped; it is only the method of learning that changed. Education is a good course to study, and it is, therefore, quite unfortunate to think that it is one of the most underrated courses in the University.


Some people often assume economics is a basic course that should not be studied in the University. Well, that is not the case. Economics is one of the top courses of social science. The course exposes people to understanding social groups and economics and analysing the impact of these two on finances and decision-making in society. Economics is a study of world resources and how these resources are distributed starting from production to consumption. Graduates of economics can work in any industry that deals with production and consumption; this means they can work in any field.

Final Thoughts on 8 Most Underrated Courses in the University

Understandably, it can be discouraging when you do not get to study your dream course due to reasons beyond your control. However, there are many other courses to explore. This is why the most underrated courses in the University were discussed in this article so you can check them out. Remember, when it comes to building a successful career, it is all about how well-skilled you are and not only what you know. What other courses do you think are underrated and people should know about? Kindly share your opinion in the comment sections below.




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