8 In-Demand Health-related Courses To Study In Nigeria

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Health is one of the seven areas of life that also serves as the center of man’s survival. Health covers physical, mental, and social well-being and the absence of disease and infirmity. The importance placed on health has made the health sector one of the thriving and important sectors of every nation’s economy where employment is in abundance and economic growth is guaranteed. However, to work in the healthcare sector as a leading professional with a financially rewarding profit, one is required to know how overall health works and what better way exist to gain this knowledge, if not enrolling to study an in-demand health-related course?

This article is written to share useful information on the in-demand health-related courses available to study in Nigeria that hold the promise of getting students equipped for health-related job roles.

In-Demand Health-related Courses To Study In Nigeria



Pharmacy is an in-demand health-related course available to study in both federal and private universities in Nigeria.

The course outlines the manufacture, administration, prescription and dispensing of drugs to maintain, prevent ill health and restore health. It also studies the science of how different types of drugs affect the human mind and body to ensure good health.

Choosing pharmacy as a career path will offer prestige and the different branches(pharmacology, clinical pharmacy etc) available to specialize in makes it easy to achieve financial security.

Please note: Pharmacy exists as a 5-year course of study for degree(PharmB), and 6 years for further studies (PharmD).


Medicine is a sought-after health-related course whose relevance in the health industry can not be underemphasized. From diagnosis to prevent diseases, maintaining health, restore and the standard of health through the use of scientific principles, doctors are regarded as life saviors. Medicine is available for study in Nigeria as a 5-year course plus 1 year of horsemanship in accredited tertiary institutions in Nigeria.


Nursing is also one of the in-demand health-related courses available to study in Nigeria. As a profession, Nursing is one with recognition and the demand for nurses is never enough anywhere in the world. Nurses are responsible for the care of individuals(sick or well) with the primary objectives of attaining, maintaining and recovering optimal health.

There exist over 400 areas of specialization in Nursing including palliative care, orthopedic nursing, psychiatric nursing, obstetrics etc.

Nursing is available as a 4-5 year course in tertiary institutions in Nigeria.

Medical Laboratory Science

Medical laboratory science or medical technology is one of the health-related courses that has gained relevance over the decade.  As a course, Medical laboratory science covers the fundamental and scientific knowledge of medical laboratories and how it operates. Medical laboratory scientists analyse biological specimens and conduct scientific testing on samples whose results are further given to physicians. This implies that medical laboratory science is fundamental to the diagnosis of health hence, the importance of a knowledgeable and reliable medical laboratory scientist.


Dentistry is a 6-year health course(plus horsemanship) that can also be studied in Nigeria.

The course dentistry is concerned with the analysis and treatment of oral and dental diseases as well as disease prevention.

According to Indeed, the average salary of a dentist whose area of specialty is oral and maxillofacial surgery is about $288 yearly, this is proof that dentistry as a profession is lucrative.


Optometrists are health care professionals whose job role is the provision of primary eye care. The offering of this service involves the comprehensive process of eye examination and the related structure(brain) for defects and abnormalities obstructing vision.

Optometry is a reputable profession and it is also one of the in-demand health-related courses that can be studied in Nigeria. After completion of the mandatory 6-year course framework including horsemanship, qualified optometrists can detect, diagnose and prescribe visual aids to maintain, prevent and restore ocular health. Optometry is a financially rewarding profession.


Physical therapy or physiotherapy is a health-related course that has gained increasing popularity over the years.

The course physiotherapy is concerned with the maintenance, restoration, promotion, and rehabilitation of health through physical methods including management, examination, education etc.

Physiotherapy has several specialties of which neurology and sports seem to be the highest paying specialties.

This course is available for study as a 5-year programme in federal and private universities accredited to provide its education.

Public Health

Public health is a course of study that involves research into the overall health of a population or demographics within an area. It also analyses methods of disease control, prevention and rehabilitation. Results attain contribute to the formulation of better and more efficient health systems and diagnoses.

This course can be studied within 3-4 years in an accredited tertiary institution in Nigeria. It is also one of the top-paying professions in the Nigerian health sector and it is also one of the in-demand health-related courses that can be studied in Nigeria

Other in-demand health-related courses that can be studied in Nigeria include Human anatomy, Radiology/radiography, veterinary medicine etc.

Final Thoughts on In-Demand Health-related Courses To Study In Nigeria

The matter of health is important as all areas of life rely on it to attain success. A career in health offers financial stability because of health essentiality to life. However, it is pertinent to note that there is no such thing as the best health-related course as each complements the other and aims toward promoting the quality of health and standard of life.

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