Project Ideas for Pharmacy final year students 2022

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Looking for some amazing project ideas for Pharmacy? Not sure where to begin? Worry no more. This article will give you an insight into some fascinating project ideas for Pharmacy  that you can use for your final year project.

In no particular order, here are some of the amazing topic ideas that you can adopt for your Pharmacy final year project or help you in coming up with your unique project.

Project Ideas for Pharmacy final year students 2022

Preliminary phytochemical and antimicrobial screening of flower and stalk of Mangifera indica

This is a very interesting project idea. In your project, you might start by giving quick background information about Mango (Mangifera indica). Talk about how it was first discovered, explore the usability of the leaves and other important medicinal features of the fruits. That’s just a hint of what your project should contain. Do not forget to mention its adaptation, growth habitat, soil, and irrigation. With that said, you can comfortable formulate and answer your research questions which might be: To evaluate the anti-microbial efficiency of the flower and stalk of the fruit and also identify the flower and stalk of the Mangifera for the presence of phytochemicals desires.

Production of Mosquito repellants insecticides using Orange peels

This is another wonderful project to explore. Insect-transmitted diseases can be curbed through the issuance of prophylactic drugs and destroying insect carriers.  Insecticides are made of a lethally toxic compound that eliminates insects either by body contact or through ingestion. However, most insecticides are toxic to human beings and pose a great threat to the environment. In addition, the cost of production of some of these insecticides is very high. Therefore, your project should be focused on how this new Mosquito repellant will work efficiently. You should also point out the benefits of the repellant such as being affordable and having a low production cost. Do not forget to also mention how the repellant is manufactured.

Isolation and identification of bacteria associated with wound sepsis

This project will require you to execute a well- laid out plan which may even involve taking out blood samples for patients. The results should be grouped according to sex distribution and age differences. Also, narrow down the classification to antibiotic sensitivity and any other predisposing factors. This is one of the most complicated projects to undertake but guarantees you a high score in your final year project.

STI syndrome treatment among community pharmacies: A potential under-utilized HIV prevention strategy

In this project, your main purpose can be to find out whether the HIV prevention strategies are fully utilized in local pharmacies in your area. You can also base your project on the effect of the HIV Prevention strategy in your area, the common uses of the drug for STI syndromic treatment, or the prevalence of STI in a given area. To effectively carry out this research, you must consider using questionnaires. This will give you primary data to work with while answering your research questions. In your project, mention the various causes of STI such as unprotected sex. Clearly show what the effect is, to those that neglect HIV prevention strategies. Finally, come up with a solution to curb the spread and infection of HIV and other STIs.


Coming up with a project topic for your project can be a challenge if you don’t take time to study and observe the current trends in the medical world. However, a simple trick to coming up with an amazing Pharmacy project idea is to try to solve a medical problem in the most effective and cost-efficient way as possible.

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