Bachelor of Science in Nursing- All You Need to Know

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Nursing is a reputable profession within the healthcare industry and they constitute about 50% of the industry’s healthcare providers.

Pursuing a career in nursing is personally fulfilling and financially rewarding but to enjoy the highest of its benefits, obtaining a Bachelor of Science in Nursing is necessary.

This article aims to inform you about all you need to know about the Bachelor of Science in Nursing Programme (BSN) and the benefits associated with being a BS nurse.

What is a Bachelor of Science in Nursing?

A Bachelor of Science in Nursing is a 4-year academic programme designed to provide knowledge in the science, principles and applications of nursing.

The Bachelor of Science in Nursing degree is equipped with several courses intended to provide the necessary skills nurses will require to work efficiently and deliver in their job roles. It is also developed to allow further graduate study.

Skills that can be obtained in the course of studying BSN programme include; Leadership, Nursing science, psychology, social sciences, statistics, microbiology, anatomy and physiology, and natural sciences.

Why should I obtain a Bachelor of Science in Nursing?

As stated earlier, there are numerous benefits you can enjoy by obtaining a Bachelor’s of Science in Nursing. Some of these benefits are;

Job opportunities

Nurses are in high demand all over the world but BSN obtained nurses are even more demanded. Nowadays many healthcare facilities are looking to employ BSN nurses because they consider them equipped with skills capable of meeting nursing responsibilities.

Also, there is an increasing need for nursing professionals all over the world, so with your Bachelor of Science in Nursing, you are guaranteed of being employed.

Obtaining a Bachelor’s of Science in Nursing is personally fulfilling.

Considering the lives you will help save and the several skills you will develop in the learning process, you will find the process fulfilling and rewarding.

High Earnings

Nursing is one of the highest-paid professions in the world. The demands for nurses grow every day and their paycheck increases as well. As a BSN obtained nurse, you are assured of earning an average salary of about $85,539 yearly.

Diverse opportunities

With a Bachelor’s of Science in Nursing, you can work in a variety of industries whose aims are promoting/improving health. There are so many career paths you could explore and achieve job satisfaction.

Professional dignity

Yes, if you obtain a Bachelor of Science in Nursing, you will be professionally respected. No one wants to be cared for by a healthcare personnel who hasn’t been educated. Obtaining a BSN will further stabilize your worth in the patients’ minds and also in the health care industry.

Other benefits you will most likely enjoy after obtaining your Bachelor of Science in nursing are; career advancement opportunities, the option of being paid overtime, a flexible work schedule, and being the best candidate for nursing-related job roles(which implies that you are assured of job security).

Requirements needed for obtaining a Bachelor of Science in Nursing

Below are the requirements needed to study for a BSN programme, however these requirements vary with each educational institution.

Individuals intending to obtain a Bachelor’s of Science in Nursing must:

  • Have a Grade Point Average(GPA) or higher in high school or a nursing-associated training course.
  • Have an understanding of biology, chemistry and health-related subjects(anatomy and physiology).
  • Individuals must present their Resume along with a written personal essay.
  • Attach references(referees)
  • For Registered Nurses(RN), a recent unrestricted license is required.
  • Individuals applying to study a BSN programme must show proof of volunteer experience and also pay the stipulated application fees.

Types of BSN Nursing Programmes

The Bachelor of Science in Nursing(BSN) programme is developed into 3 categories to serve individuals who are suitable for each.

Traditional BSN programme

This is the typical 4 year BSN programme. Individuals who have completed a postgraduate programme. It is the most common of all the Bachelor’s of Science in Nursing Programmes

Registered Nurse(RN) to BSN

This program is relevant to those who have obtained an associate degree in Nursing before their application.  Individuals applying for this BSN category will be required to spend only 2 years in the BSN process.

Accelerated BSN

Accelerated BSN programme can be applied by individuals who have obtained a bachelor’s degree in another area of study asides from nursing. However, in this category, students will be offered additional coursework and clinical practices.

Final Thoughts

Nursing is one of the professions in the world whose values and services can never be easily replaced although it can be improved with technological advancement. Obtaining a Bachelor of Science in Nursing would not only give you professional recognition and financial security,  it will project you high on the radar of leading Nurses all over the world.

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