Expert Answer: NYSC Registration Process For Foreign Trained Nigerian Graduates

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Are you a Foreign Trained Nigerian Graduate, seeking to participate in the compulsory NYSC programme in Nigeria, but do not know how to begin? Now, do not worry this article was written just for you. In this article, you will discover how you can register for NYSC as a Foreign Trained Nigerian Graduate.

What is NYSC?

NYSC is a 1-year service exercise established by the Nigerian government with the primary objectives of inculcating selfless service, morale, and patriotism in the lives of Nigerian youths. It also serves as a means of fostering unity amongst communities in Nigeria. The NYSC programme is compulsory for graduates of Nigerian tertiary institutions of learning and can also be participated by foreign-trained graduates.

Key Takeaways About NYSC

  • NYSC was formed in 1973 by the military-led administration of Yakubu Gowon with the aim of rebuilding, reconstructing and reconciling Nigeria after the civil war.
  • The primary objective of NYSC is to inculcate discipline, raise the morale bar and promote patriotism amongst the youths in the country
  • The goal of posting corps members to states other than their state of origin is to enhance unity, remove prejudices, eliminate ignorance and allow appreciation of other cultures and family backgrounds.
  • After a Corp member has been posted to a state for the NYSC service, he or she is required to spend about 3 weeks in a military-controlled camp away from family. The 3-week period is known as the orientation period, after which the corps member will be posted to a Primary Place of Assignment(PPA) where he is expected to work as a full-time staff of the institution he will be placed for 11 months (excluding 1-month vacation ). After completion of PPA, corps members will be required to attend a final passing out ceremony, where certificates of completion will be issued.

Why Should A Foreign Trained Nigerian Graduate Register For NYSC In Nigeria

  • Basis of Employment

Over the decades, the NYSC programme has grown to be a basis of employment for Nigerian employers who are looking to employ skilled staff irrespective of the state of origin. The certificate of completion issued by NYSC upon programme completion can serve as a reference to future employers who look out for years of experience.

  • Free Mobility of Labor

The posting of corps members to different states of the federation allows the spread of labour across the country.

  • Builds connection

An important reason why a foreign-trained Nigerian graduate should register for NYSC is that it is an amazing way to establish business connections and build relationships with new people from diverse ethnic groups and social backgrounds. These connections can be leveraged later in an individual’s life.

  • Free Money

Yes, there is the stipend popularly referred to as “allawee”, usually paid to corps members monthly by the federal government in appreciation for the service provided. Although the amount is a fair one, it goes a long way in building personal confidence and self-worth.

  • Another reason you should register for NYDC as a foreign trained Nigerian graduate is the recognition and respect usually given to Corp members by nearly everyone. Believe me, participating in the NYSC programme will be one of the best experiences you will have in life

How To Register For NYSC As A Foreign Trained Nigerian Graduate

The general steps for NYSC registration for both Foreign trained and Locally-trained graduates include;

  • Visit the NYSC portal and create an account.
  • Fill in the NYSC biodata form and upload the required documents.
  • Proceed to verify yourself and submit the form.

Things you will need to register for NYSC as a Foreign trained Nigerian graduate are;

  • A valid and functional email address and Nigerian telephone/GSM number.
  • Academic documents needed for registration are; O’level certificate at not more than 2 sittings, original degree/HND certificate or equivalent. Original transcripts and mark sheets for Indian universities are also accepted.
  • Original admission letters and letters of approval from respective employers to undertake the course of study(for working-class graduates)
  • Foreign-trained graduates of health-related courses will be required to possess and upload their current professional licenses from the relevant bodies.
  • Travel documents required for the NYSC registration process of Foreign-trained graduates include; International travelling passport showing clearly the data pages of the date of departure for the course of study and return to the country after completion of studies. A residence permit for the duration of study is required for students who studied in ECOWAS countries.
  • Also, an evaluation letter from the Federal Ministry of Education is mandatory.

For more information on the requirements needed to register for NYSC as a Foreign-trained graduate, visit the  NYSC portal

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