Project Ideas for Statistics Final Year Students in 2022

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As a final year student studying statistics in the university, you’ll have gained basic knowledge on topics like experimental design, computational inference, sampling and databases, biostatistics, environmental statistics and financial statistics. You’ll also have acquired skills such as research and data collection, data analysis and evaluation, and general IT skills. Now, you are sourcing for project ideas for statistics for your final year project.

Your final year project is therefore an opportunity for you to apply your theoretical knowledge to real-life situations, build problem-solving and self-management skills, while also contributing to the world of statistics. In this article, you’ll find amazing project topics you can explore for your final year project. These project topics ideas balance the complexity of the study and their relevance to the statistics field.

Here! Let’s look at some amazing project ideas for statistics final year students.

Project Ideas for Statistics Final Year Students in 2022


  1. Press in Politics: Analysis of Issues and Patterns of News

This is an exciting topic to consider if you’re interested in politics in your nation. The press in politics is a direct force in creating awareness, shaping perception, informing and educating the general masses. In this research, you’ll determine whether the press is selective in its report of similar political issues that affect the progress and functioning of the nation. This study will also assess the role of the press in periods of political crisis and determine the implications of using the press for pure sectional, ethnic and religious biased coverage of events. You can adopt the survey research method for this project, using questionnaires to obtain data from respondents within a predetermined community.

  1. A Statistical Analysis of Examination Malpractice

Examination malpractice or cheating has become a global phenomenon. In different countries of the world today, developed and developing, academic dishonesty, especially cheating in  examinations, have heightened and taken on a frightening dimension. The importance of this research can therefore not be overemphasized as it seeks to identify the actual causes and effects of examination malpractice such as its effect on unemployment. Using a specific university as the case study, you’ll obtain data for analysis by distributing questionnaires. This research will provide useful information for educational institutions, the government and the public on examination malpractice.

  1. A Regression Analysis on the Impact of Smoking, Level of Exercise, and Weight on Medical Cost

The increase in the number of people who are ill in various health establishments has risen geometrically. A lot of these illnesses can be linked to unhealthy lifestyles such as smoking, lack of exercise, excessive weight, and poor diet. Through this research, you’ll be able to determine the impact of lack of exercise, smoking and weight on the health conditions of patients and the impact on their medical costs. You could use a tertiary hospital as your case study and obtain data for analysis by sharing questionnaires to patients and interviewing health practitioners. This study will provide health practitioners, patients, and the public with useful information on the need to adopt healthy lifestyles.

  1. A Regression Analysis on the Hours Spent on the Internet and Time Spent to Study on Academic Performance of Students 

With major improvements in technology and easy access to the internet, students now spend several hours on the internet, which can have a significant negative impact on their academic performance. A positive side to this is that through the internet, students can also access valuable academic resources. Hence, in this study you’ll be analyzing the relationship between hours spent on the internet and hours spent studying on students’ academic performance. You could use a department in your institution as a case study and obtain data using questionnaires. This research will be helpful for students, academics personnel, and educational institutions to make necessary interventions to boost students’ academic performance.

  1. A Multivariate Analysis on the Response of Crops to Fertilizer and Soil types

This project topic is exciting, especially if you already have an interest in agriculture. The use of fertilizers and the nature of the soil play a significant role in crop production. Knowledge on fertilizers and nature of soil is important for farmers as it can significantly affect farmers’ output. To carry out this research, you could use a local community of farmers as a case study or a university of agriculture. In this study, you’ll determine if there is a relationship and the nature of the relationship between soil type, fertilizer type, and crop yield. The findings of this study will be a great resource for agricultural researchers, farmers, and other stakeholders.

  1. A Time Series Analysis of Customer Attendance 

To stand a chance in today’s market, retailers need to change with the evolving way in which customers purchase. Retailers have to consider how to find new and innovative ways of appealing to buyers. Understanding the frequency of customer attendance is therefore critical for adequate planning and strategizing to increase profitability. In this research, you’ll determine the relationship between customer attendance and the prices of commodities and profitability. You could use a popular commercial store as your case study. For example, ShopRite malls in Nigeria or South Africa). This research will educate firms and companies on the need for adequate customer attendance analysis in improving profitability.

  1. Determination of Nutritional Status of Children Within The Ages of Four (4) To Ten (10) Using Their Body Mass Index (BMI)

The prevalence of overweight and obesity among children has soared over the decades, with obesity in children being recognized as a risk factor for cardiovascular diseases in adulthood. For this research, you’ll need to measure the weight and height of sampled children and determine their BMI. You’ll then determine the prevalence of underweight, healthy weight, overweight, and obesity in the sampled population. This research can also determine the relationship between obesity in children and socio-economic class. This study is highly impactful as it’ll raise parental consciousness on the quality of diet being given to their children, in other for them to maintain healthy body weight.

With the knowledge and ideas you’ve gotten from this article, you’ll find it easier to choose a topic that’s the best fit for your final year project. Feel free to leave your comments or questions in the comments section below. All the best!


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