Latest Project Ideas for Medicine final year students 2022

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Medicine is arguably one of the World’s most practical course. Therefore, towards the end of course work, all students are required to carry out well-research projects that relate directly to the real world. Although coming up with project ideas for medicine may sound simple, it can be overwhelming to many students. If you are feeling stuck, I’m here to help you with very interesting project ideas for your medicine course.

Here are some of the most interesting Medical projects for 2022.

Project Ideas for Medicine final year students 2022

Understanding the Benefits of Telepsychiatry         

This is one of the best medical project ideas in 2022. Why is this so? Many individuals from different parts of the world are struggling with their mental health. Although mental health cases are rapidly rising, many people aren’t even aware of the benefits of proper mental health. Therefore, in your research, try to bring out the causes of mental health and how they can be solved. However, the solutions might vary in different countries due to several factors such as; Population, Level of education etc. Since your project will be on Telepsychiatry, your solutions should mostly be geared towards the technological side.  This project is very simple to undertake and won’t require tiresome research while still guaranteeing you great results.

Blockchain-based Record System

Doctors and physicians usually require medical records from their patients to analyze the patient’s illness at a deeper level. Many hospitals tend to deal with thousands of patients every single day making recording the medical records of each patient a tedious procedure. It is also important to note that in case of improper storage or lost medical records, the patient’s life is put in great danger. With this in mind, you come up with a nice and clean record system that will be efficient for the entire hospital. You can persuade hospitals to adopt the Blockchain-based recording system by giving them a piece of detailed information on what they stand to gain. You can talk about the benefits of the recording system where the storage or recording process isn’t controlled by a single authority. Moreover, talk about how the medical history of each patient is kept safe by entitling them to their key to access their medical reports. The world is evolving and so is the medical industry. Therefore, this project can earn you the marks required to ace your final year exams.

Detecting Anemia in Pregnant Women Using Smartphone Photography

This project idea is very unique as it shows the lecturer that you are willing to think outside the box instead of the traditional anemia detection methods. Change is inevitable, and if you are willing to go the extra mile and come up with something that has never been done before, then you can change the world. However, it is also important to understand Anemia at a deeper level. Several World Health Organization reports have shown that Anemia affects almost a quarter of the world’s population. Most of the victims are women who tend to give birth to underweight children, newborn deaths, and stillbirth.

Efficient Alternative to an Ambulance

Recent reports show that about 20% of every country’s death are caused by road accidents. 30% of the deaths have been caused by delayed accidents. With this in mind, you can already see a nice project idea presenting itself. Other reports have shown that patients who die of heart attack are usually brought in when it is already too late. Therefore, in your project, you can propose new and effective solutions to curb deaths caused by delayed ambulances. Maybe you can propose an Uber-like solution or In-drive that operates distinctively from Hospital-run ambulances. In addition, each patient calling for ambulance services should be prioritized according to their specified issue. This will go a long way in helping ambulances deal with critical patients.

Using Rapid Access Multidisciplinary Palliative Assessment to Improve Cancer Patient Assessment

This is yet another interesting project idea that you should consider for your final year medical project. Palliative care is a unique medical approach that aims at improving the quality of life for patients suffering from chronic illnesses. Palliative care gives the patient a different approach that helps nurses reduce the suffering of patients with complex and serious illnesses. Your project can point out effective ways on helping experts improve the quality of life for patients with kidney failures, cancer Etc. This project will require you to do in-depth research about what palliative care entails, its relevance to the healthcare fraternity, and how it should be implemented.

The Causes, Effect, and Treatment of Infertility among Married Couples

The issue of infertility has been on the rise over the past few decades. To effectively carry out this project, you will be required to issue questionnaires to the respondents. Thereafter, you will be required to analyze the data collected and come up with meaningful findings. Although the detailed research for this project is tedious, it can help you get a very appealing final year grade as you also impact society positively. Before you start the project, keep in mind that you will be required to investigate the causes of infertility, the effect of infertility, and how the condition can be treated in regards to married couples.


Coming up with a medical project idea for your final year exams isn’t that hard. Don’t try to come up with the best topic in the whole world. Just figure out something that is unique and might positively impact the lives of individuals in the society, country, or the world at large. Although I have given you amazing topic ideas, it is not necessarily a recommendation that you use them, let the topic ideas guide you into coming up with an even better topic for yourself. The sky is the limit. If others have done it before, there is no way you can’t do it. Believe in yourself and everything will fall into place. All the Best!!




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