Project Ideas for Nursing Final Year Students in 2024

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There’s no question that nursing school is challenging. The final year in Nursing school can be particularly stressful as students combine preparation for their nursing school final exams with writing a final year project. That is where project ideas for nursing becomes handy. Writing a final year project is essential as it provides nursing students with an opportunity to pursue original scientific inquiry and connect with others in the nursing community.

As a final year nursing student, writing your project will require you to identify and address a problem in nursing by reviewing academic literature while developing advanced research skills. However, choosing a project topic from an array of subject areas can be challenging. To make your project topic search easier, I have compiled great project ideas for nursing that’d inspire you to make the right choice.

Here! Let’s dive right into it.

Project Ideas for Nursing Final Year Students in 2024

  1. Effect of Nursing-Based Intervention on Exclusive Breastfeeding Practice Among Pregnant Women

This is one exciting and highly relevant project topic you could explore. With organisations like WHO and UNICEF continuously advocating for exclusive breastfeeding in the first 6 months of an infant’s life, nurses play a crucial role in exposing pregnant women to breastfeeding readiness education, which is necessary for improving mothers’ knowledge and practice regarding exclusive breastfeeding. For this project, your sample size will comprise two groups of pregnant women in two different health care facilities. One group will serve as the control group and the other as the experimental group. Using questionnaires, you’ll collect data on nursing mothers’ knowledge and practice regarding exclusive breastfeeding. This project topic is a great stepping stone for a career as a nurse midwife.

  1. Nurses’ Role in Prevention of Infant and Under-Five Child Mortality 

This topic is relatively easy to carry out and highly impactful, especially if you’re from a developing country where the under-five mortality rate is relatively high. In this study, you’ll be examining the role nurses play in preventing under-five child mortality and the challenges they face in playing their role. For this research project, you’ll use secondary sources of data, which can be obtained from PubMed and ScienceDirect search engines and through manual data search. Data should come from studies within an accepted time frame (in the last 10 to 15 years). The findings of this study will be useful to healthcare professionals, especially nurses in developing countries.

  1. Attitude of Student Nurses’ Toward People With Disabilities

In a world where over 1 billion people live with some form of disability with the numbers dramatically increasing yearly, we cannot overemphasize the impact of this study. A great way to carry out this project is to use questionnaires to obtain data from a selected group of nursing students in your country and compare the results obtained to similar studies carried out in a different cultural background. For example, if you live in a European country, you can compare your results to studies in Africa. This way, you can also determine whether cultural and demographic differences influence the behaviour of student nurses toward people with disabilities. This research can provide a good basis for future studies.

  1. Nursing Students’ Perceptions of Clinical Nursing Training 

This project topic will be helpful to gain insight and first-hand knowledge on the perceptions of nursing students concerning clinical placement, teaching, evaluation, and supervision. It can also help to provide useful recommendations on how to improve the clinical training experience of nurses. To carry out this research, you’ll draw your sample population from selected nursing programmes within your country, using the same class level of students. You’ll use questionnaires to obtain data for analysis, from which your conclusions and recommendations can be obtained. You can also provide suggestions for further studies.

  1. Analysis of Job Satisfaction of Professional Nurses in Public and Private sectors

Various factors ranging from salary and remuneration packages, resource constraints, and supportive nursing management to availability of opportunities for professional advancements can influence nurses’ job satisfaction. In this research project, you’ll be investigating the job satisfaction of professional nurses,  using samples from two categories; those in the public sector and those in the private sector. Using well-structured questionnaires, you’ll gain insight into the various factors influencing nurses’ job satisfaction, and the differences and similarities between the job satisfaction of nurses in both sectors. This research will be helpful to provide recommendations on how hospital managements can provide a better working environment for nurses.

  1. Stress Coping Strategies Among Professional Nurses

Nursing is stressful throughout the world. Nurses encounter complex and stressful conditions because of the special demands of their profession, which enhances their vulnerability to occupational stress. For this research, you can limit the scope of your study by focusing on student nurses in a specific tertiary hospital. This study is highly relevant as it’ll provide valid information on how nurses in the tertiary hospitals manage stress at work. Thus, equipping health institutions, government organisations and other stakeholders with the right information to enable them to develop intervention strategies to handle nurses’ stress at work.

  1. The Role of Exercise in Health Promotion of the Elderly 

This is one great topic you can explore, particularly if you’re looking to become a Geriatric Nurse. One of the vital steps towards promoting elderly health is through participation in exercise. In this research, you’ll get an overall view of elderly awareness and experiences about exercise and find out the role nurses play in the provision of exercise to the elderly. You can limit the scope of your study by focusing on the elderly in your immediate community or in a tertiary hospital environment. From your research findings, you can make recommendations on how nurses can better promote exercises to the elderly.

Having read this article, you now have great project ideas that can help you create an interesting and impactful topic for your final year project. Remember to ensure that your topic is economical and one that you can easily complete within the required time frame. All the best!


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