Project Ideas for Mechanical Engineering Final Year Students 2022

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As much as Mechanical Engineering is a practical course, it is also highly theoretical. It is a branch of engineering that combines engineering physics and mathematical principles. All Mechanical Engineering students are required to write a project that will portray what they have been able to learn throughout their course study and how they can apply them to real-life situations. Many students tend to get overwhelmed when choosing the right project ideas for Mechanical Engineering which makes them settle for topics in which they are not genuinely interested or ones that are too complex for them to handle.

This article focuses on some of the project ideas for Mechanical Engineering that you might use for your final year project.

Project Ideas for Mechanical Engineering Final Year Students 2022

Here are the project ideas for Mechanical Engineering Student;

Solar Hydrogen Generation Project and PPT

This is a very interesting topic to take on as your main project. In simpler terms, it means Hydrogen production using solar energy. As the world is trying as much as possible to create Hydrogen using renewable sources of energy, it can be advantageous if you take on this project. In the project, you will research on the working principle of solar hydrogen generation. Don’t forget to also include the advantages and disadvantages of Hydrogen generation. These key factors will determine the success of your project.

Regenerative Braking System Project

This is a very interesting Mechanical Engineering project idea since it will give an insight into how individuals can store the energy lost as heat during braking. Focusing on this project, you should give a clear solution to how the energy lost can be used when the car will be accelerating again. This can go a long way in reducing the use of fossil fuels. A regenerative braking system is highly used in hybrid vehicles to reduce fuel economy. Therefore, to carry out the project, you should bring out the importance of the new braking system and compare it with the old one. Apart from comparisons, explain the application of a regenerative braking system as well as different types of the system.

Oil Skimmer RC Boat

Many times, oil spillages from tankers and ships occur resulting in 15% of oil pollution in the ocean every single year. A recent report shows that since 1970, Oil tankers and ships have spilled up to 6 billion tonnes of oil into our precious oceans. This in turn has hindered both the life of marine animals and plants. Moreover, it has resulted in inconsumable seafood. Cleaning up on oil spills soon as they happen is the most effective way to prevent further damage caused by oil spillages on the ocean and seas.  Since cleaning up oil spillage require specialized machinery and ships which can’t be gotten as soon as spillage occurs, you can propose the adoption of small RC drones which act as a skimmer to separate oil from water. For your project to be successful, focus more on the benefits of the RC drones. In addition, briefly discuss how the skimmer works in the separation process. Don’t forget to keep it unique, interesting, and attention-grabbing as much as possible to capture the lecturer’s attention and earn you high marks in your final year.

Airport Baggage Diverter System using QR

It is fascinating to see how the baggage system operates in transporting passenger baggage from the ticket counters to areas where they can be loaded to respective airplanes. The system has been widely adopted across every airport in the world. The Microcontroller-based Baggage Diverter System uses a QR scanner to scan the tags on the baggage. Furthermore, the Microcontroller can transport the luggage in four distinct output locations based on the information got from the QR code. If you have ever been to an airport, you might have noticed the conveyor belts that move the luggage to different points at the airport. Using the diverter system allows the conveyor belt to transport the luggage to a certain desired information. This topic is important since it will talk more about how to improve the Baggage Diverter system hence to avoid confusion or loss of luggage. You can choose to go for this amazing project idea for mechanical engineering and make the most out of it.

Silent Air Purifier and Humidifier Using Water Filter

This is a very crucial matter with reports from World Health Organization showing that approximately seven million people die annually from air pollution. WHO went on to add that 91% of the world’s population has been exposed to air pollution. Since air pollution is also prone even in our houses, using a purifier can be a good option. However, most purifiers are very expensive to buy. In your project, you can come up with purifier that uses water as its filter, the production mechanism and see how to reduce the cost and provide a framework for effective, heap and sustainable air purifier.


I hope this article has given you an insight into various project ideas for Mechanical Engineering. Don’t be too hard on yourself even if you can’t figure out the best project topics. However, take note that everything will fall into place with time. Always remember that those who win are those who think they can. Believe that you can come up with a very detailed project. All the Best!!

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