Project Ideas for Chemistry final year students in 2022

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Are you a chemistry student looking for final year project ideas? This post is for you. Chemistry is one of the core courses in practical science, and getting research project topics ideas can be relatively easy. However, due to the broad nature of chemistry courses, some final students might find it hard to get a solid project idea. If you are looking for some project ideas, read this post till the end.

In this article, I will discuss five project ideas for chemistry final year students in 2022.

5 Project Ideas for Chemistry final year students 2022

Below, I have discussed some project topic ideas for final year chemistry students.

1.    Production of Mosquito Repellents Using Orange Peels

This study is significant as it provides solutions to disturbing mosquito bites. The use of orange peels to produce mosquito repellents is an exciting project idea for chemistry final year students. The use of orange peels in this project can be used as an active agent in mosquito coils. Orange peels (Cestrum) contain a substance called Limonene. When Limonene is ignited, it can easily repel mosquitoes and other insects.

This project topic is an excellent idea for final year students as it helps fight malaria, whs primary economic importance. If you are looking for a project idea that is affordable and less complicated, try out this one.

2.    Chemistry of Tramadol

This topic idea is another interesting one for College Chemistry students. A good advantage is that many topics can be coined from this drug. Tramadol is an essential part of modern-day pharmaceuticals, with many research materials that you can check out.

This drug relieves physical pain, including dental pain, osteoporosis, and neuropathy. Tramadol helps in moderating the level of different types of physical pain. You can use other research and journals to get relevant topics from the chemistry of Tramadol. There have been a few new techniques about how this drug helps in the chemical stability of infections. This topic is an adventurous one and something Chemistry students should be willing to try.

3.    Organoiron Complexes and Their Applications

This project topic is also another exciting one for chemistry final year students. If you are interested in Inorganic chemistry, this topic should interest you. The organoiron complexes are transition metals in the S and P blocks of the periodic table. Analysis of these coordination compounds has been carried out in the past. It also has exciting research and practical methods. Final year students and college students can find enough relevant materials to help complete this project topic. This research would reveal the applications and bonding nature of these metals. This topic is one that most Chemistry students should research.

4.    Phytochemical and Antimicrobial analysis of Mystetoe leave

The study of this project topic is critical as it has many applications in the pharmaceutical industry. The Mysteotle leaf can be extracted from a tree in its origin using ethanol solvent. This process is followed by phytochemical analysis. The presence of antimicrobial compounds in this leaf shows its ability to treat diseases. The Mystetoe leave can be used to produce herbal medicines and other drugs. This analysis can be used as a foundation for the development of drugs.

If you are interested in drug synthesis and organic chemistry, this project topic is for you.

5.    Characterization of Calcium Oxide from Eggshell

There have been many research projects on calcined eggshells. However, this topic still stands out as an interesting one for researchers. Eggshells have an abundance of Calcium Oxide, and this project aims at characterizing the Calcium Oxide from calcium Carbonate in Eggshell wastes.

The characterization process takes place using XRD, FT-IR, SEM, and XRF. These tools help in the thermal analysis of the eggshell wastes. This research highlights the capture of COin the calcination of waste eggshells. If you are a final-year college student, this should be an exciting topic for you.

Final Thoughts

The field of Pure and Applied Chemistry can be vast. Different specializations also have exciting project topic ideas. You have to choose from the various branches of Chemistry and work on project topics that interest you. In chemical Science, you can find Organic, Inorganic, Physical, Environmental, and other branches of Chemistry. If you are looking to do a project, get a topic of a field you know well; this will make your research easier.



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