Project Ideas for Law final year students 2022

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A Law degree is not only a highly appraised qualification but also offers great career opportunities.  As a Law student, toward the end of your Law study, your institution will require you to write a detailed law project that will be added to your final grade before graduation. Choosing the right project ideas for law prove to be hard at times.

However, one secret to keep in mind is that your project ideas does not have to be the best in the world. Just make it captivating, interesting, and memorable. With that said, If you are stuck, not sure where to begin, Worry no more. I am here to give you some of the best project ideas for law that will help you ace your project.

Here are five project ideas for Law;

Project ideas for Law final year students 2022

The Role of Law in Economic Growth

This is quite an interesting project idea for Law. By now I presume that you are well-versed with common subjects that Law entails such as; government, history, public speaking, business law, politics, criminal justice, logic, and ethics. However, most students tend to focus on the easy Law topic while formulating their project ideas. Economic growth is one of the most underrated Law topics that many students lack knowledge of.

Although lecturers and students tend to cover law topics extensively, their research is geared towards individual liberty or analysis of particular laws and doctrines. The effect of Law on economic growth remains a huge gap since students tend to ignore this fascinating project. Therefore this project will give you a unique approach while doing your final year project. This project will require you to research at a deep level what legal institutions and laws are beneficial to the well-being of the economic growth in a society or nation.

Dissolution of Marriage: Problems and Prospects

In recent times, the issue of marriage dissolution has been rapidly increasing. Why is this so? Most people rush into marriage imaging that everything will be smooth. The couple tends to use the phrase, “For Better for Worse”, however, they want to only be together during “better” times. In many countries, dissolution of marriages cannot take place under two years of marriage without leave of court. Nevertheless, a partner may decide to file a divorce within two years of marriage under special cases which involve, bestiality, adultery, sodomy, a commission of rape, and willful and persistent refusal to consummate. If you decide to use this idea for your project, you will be required to conduct extensive research on the condition necessary for marriage dissolutions. You will also be required to give details of what tends to follow after the dissolution of the marriage and prospects.

So what’s the aim of the project? This is one of my favorite projects in Law. Since your research will be emphasized on different grounds for dissolving marriages, you shouldn’t focus too much on seeing marriages getting dissolved. However, focus on discouraging couples on the dissolution of marriages. You can do this by giving them a lasting solution that may cease marriage dissolution which will make society a better place.

Protection of the Rights of Individuals in Armed Conflict Situation

This is yet another interesting project idea for any Law student. Many times, individuals find themselves in armed conflict situations. Maybe against their families, nations, and even tribes. Millions of individuals have lost their lives in armed conflicts yet there is still a violation of human rights in such conflicts. The violations may add up to, crimes against humanity, genocide, and war crimes. This might be a very interesting topic for your research since you will have to understand the causes of armed conflict situations at a deeper level. That is in terms of, when they occur, how often they occur, and which individuals are usually affected. Your project should also talk about international human rights law and international humanitarian law in armed conflicts. Making the project as detailed as possible while focusing on an international view will guarantee you good marks in the final transcript.

Provocation as a Defense to Criminal Liability

When mitigating or exculpating an accused from criminal liability, courts tend to look at the extent of provocation of the accused. Therefore, courts take the accused’s provocation into account before declaring the extent of punishment given. This is because any human being can lose control when exposed to rage. In addition, each individual tends to react differently. Some may react calmly while others become very violent. Since the court strongly condones human ferocity, provocation may act as a mitigating defense for the accused. In the project, you can focus on provocation to criminal liability regarding your country. You can also compare the defense of provocation in advanced jurisdictions which may include, America and Canada.

The Legislature and National Development

The legislature is the most important institution and arm of the government. The judiciary is not only where the real representation of the people is most manifested but also serves in checking and balancing the democracy of a nation. This is also where the making of laws in a country is done. This is a very good project idea to take on. You will be required to talk about the part played by the legislature in democratic development, economic development, and human development.


Coming up with project ideas for Law is a very easy task. All you have to do is to choose a topic that you can undertake to perfection. Note down the outline of how you are going to complete the project once you’ve settled on one topic. It will ensure you stay on the truck up to the completion of your project. I wish you the best of luck in any project you’ll settle on. You can do this!!

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