How to Write References in your Final Year Project

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References in your final year project form a vital part of your work or any other academic writing piece. Citing your information source by acknowledging a book, journal and author is very important. And that is what a good reference covers. References can be written wrongly for people who do not understand how it works.

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How to write References in your Final Year Project

In this article, I will show you some helpful tips on how to write a good reference for a final year project or any academic writing piece. But before we go into that, I would like to explain what reference entails in academic writing briefly

What is a Reference?

Reference refers to the citing of a document or source that inspires a particular passage in writing. It is applicable in books, magazines, websites, and all forms of academic writing. Any quote, transportation, information that you write from a research project must be referenced at the end of the report.

This could be sourced from journals, books, authors, or even one of your previous works. It is essential to any project or academic writing you complete.

Importance of writing references in your final year project

Writing references in your final year project must not be overlooked for the following reasons;

  • It gives credit and cites the source of your information.
  • It gives the reader easy access to your project’s information. References in a project work also build a reader’s trust in any writing.
  • Referencing other sources in your project helps to support your work academically.
  • This practice shows signs of your professionalism and scholarship.
  • It makes sure that you do not violate any copyright restrictions

Tips on Writing References in Your Final Year Project

Writing references in your final year project requires some vital tips. In this section, I will highlight a few points to guide you through.

When writing a reference for a project topic, take note of the following;

  • If the source you cite also supports your stance, you should explain why the ideas should be trusted.
  • On the other hand, if the source contradicts your stance, explaining why they should trust your idea is very necessary.
  • Finally, if your sources contradict each other’s views, you must take a stand on one of these views and explain your reasons.

Writing References in Your Final Year Project (Harvard style)

It is important to note that the Harvard referencing system is the most popular. It is slightly different from the APA style, but they all have the same purpose. Below is some information on how to write the reference section of your project using the Harvard referencing style.

Harvard’s Style of Referencing a Book

The following are elements to be cited;

  • The Author’s surname and initials
  • Year of Publication and title of the book
  • Edition or volume
  • The place of the publication and the publisher

Example; MOHAMMED, Y. AND ADAM, G.,  1989. A long walk from a step 2nd Edition Niger; Newswatch.

Harvard’s Style of Referencing an Article in a Journal

The elements to be cited include;

  • Author’s name, initials
  • Year of Publication
  • Title of the article
  • Journal
  • Volume and part number in bracket
  • Page number of contributions

Example; JAMES, T.B., 2007.  Approaches to intelligent information retrieval.  Information processing and management, 7 (2), 147-168.

Reference to a contribution in a book

Elements to be cited are as follows;

  • Contributing Author’s Surname and Initials
  • Publication year and title of the contribution made.
  • Initials, surname, of the author or publication
  • Edition
  • Title of the book
  • Place of Publication and Publisher.
  • Page(s) of contribution.

Example; Bantz, C.R., 1995. Social dimensions of software development. In: J.A. Anderson, ed. Annual review of software management and development. Newbury Park, CA: Sage, 502–510.

Final Thoughts

Referencing your final year project and other academic writing is essential. It provides a great deal on the credibility of your work.

Writing a good reference is an amazing way to end a good project work or any other piece of writing. The tips in this article would also help you know how to apply references in your final year project.

Although there are various referencing styles, Havard’s kind of reference is one of the most popular and widely used in the world. That is why I have used it in this article.





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