Call for Application: The World Water Challenge 2023

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About the World Water Challenge 2023

The World Water Challenge 2023 is an international contest for water solutions. It was created as a special program of the Science and Technology Process in the 7th World Water Forum to identify imminent water problems that the world is facing and to find feasible solutions based on the core value of “Implementation”.

The program is aiming at the identification of science, technology, and policy-based solutions to imminent water problems. Attracting great attention in the 1 st edition in 2015 at the 7th World Water Forum, the program has become one of the symbolic platforms of implementation which has been followed up in the Korea International Water Week over the past 8 years, focusing on scientific and technological methods that have contributed to the world’s awareness on the importance of the roles of science and technology in solving water challenges.

This 9 th edition of the World Water Challenge is expected to serve its role as an important platform to share not only innovative scientific/ technological methods but also policy towards solving the defined water problems around the world and to forge a broad network among the experts and stakeholders in water sector as well as the diverse field of problem owners and solution providers.


Anyone (as an individual or on behalf of an organization) who is interested in contributing to resolving water-related challenges with creative/applicable solutions is welcome to submit solutions to WWCH 2023’s designated challenges announced.

Application Process for The World Water Challenge 2023

The solution providers are requested to submit solution proposals through the web-based system (on KIWW Official website) using the provided application form.

  • It is strongly recommended that all submitters read carefully and follow the submission instructions indicated on the provided template.
  • The official template for WWCH 2023 can be downloaded on the KIWW website  Solution proposals can only be submitted via the web-based system. The email submission will not be considered.
  • It is requested to create an account first on the sign-up page in order to submit your proposal through the website.
  • Solution proposals must be filled out only in English.
  • A graphical abstract visually summarizing your solution (e.g., schematic diagram, picture, animation, etc.) should be submitted as a separate file.
  • One person (or organization) can submit more than one proposal with different solutions.
  • Please make sure that all materials submitted for entry will not be return

The deadline for Solution Submission is August 27th, 2023 (KST).

Evaluation Criteria for the World Water Challenge 2023


  • If the solution provider exactly understands the problem including background, objectives, scope, cause and effect, and impact on the global water issues.

Contribution to Sustainability

  • If the solution provider clearly understands the meaning of sustainability.
  • If the solution sufficiently demonstrates the contribution to achieving sustainability in development.
  • If the solution provider considers possible alternatives in achieving sustainability in the solution.


  • If the solution sufficiently satisfies the requirement of the problem owner in a feasible manner, such as economic, technical, legal, and political feasibility in its implementation.
  • If the solution is suitable for the implementation and easy for approaching its circumstance.
  • If science and technologies applied to the solution are practically applicable to the field.
  • If the local resources are efficiently used in the solution.
  • If the solution is designed to have a lasting impact on the problem.


  • If the solution effectively helps overcome any challenges and achieve the goals of water issues.
  • If the solution provider proposes innovative methods in solving the problem.


  • If the solution provider well describes the expected effects of the solution on the lives of plants, animals, and human beings.
  • If the effects of activities in solving the water problems are obviously described.


Call For Application: World Water Challenge 2023

Winners will be presented with a cash prize and trophy, and they will have the chance to be invited to the WWCH Showcase during the KIWW 2024 and/or the 10th World Water Forum to share their solutions with experts from all around the world.

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