5 Simple Ways to Build A Perfect LinkedIn Profile

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As a LinkedIn user, you must create a unique profile that makes you stand out in the professional circle and opens you up to career opportunities, which I know is the primary reason you signed up on LinkedIn anyway. This article will guide you on how you can build a perfect LinkedIn profile that will establish your credibility and help you build the right professional network.

Before we go further on how to build a perfect LinkedIn profile, let’s look at a few facts you ought to know about the LinkedIn app.

Important Facts About LinkedIn

  • LinkedIn is one of the World’s largest business and employment network services that exist on the Internet today. LinkedIn has over 740 million users from nearly 200 countries worldwide, and 52 million users seek out job opportunities on the app weekly.
  • LinkedIn was founded 20 years ago ( December 2002). This fact makes it one of the oldest online social media platforms that is still active today.
  • Microsoft’s acquisition of LinkedIn in 2016 for a whooping sum of $26.2 billion, makes LinkedIn one of the Largest Tech acquisitions.
  • About 57 million employers are on LinkedIn, this is incredible news for job seekers.
  • LinkedIn allows jobseekers to scout for new job opportunities without prompting their current employer. This is what the “Open Candidates” feature does.

How To Build A Perfect LinkedIn profile

The first step to building a perfect LinkedIn profile is including a photo of you(it must be a professional one), writing a compelling description of your business service on your profile and listing the industry you work for, years of experience(if any) and education you have received. Including the above-listed information on your LinkedIn personal profile will help establish your identity and give your image credibility in the minds of LinkedIn members or recruiters who will view it. Trust me, your LinkedIn profile is your USP, potential employers will look at your LinkedIn profile first before making contact with you.

Now that you have updated your LinkedIn profile as suggested above, you can proceed to do these 5 things that will boost engagement on your profile and help build a large professional network.

Create unique content and share

One thing LinkedIn loves is talent. It aims to match talents with the right employers who need them. Creating content that reflects the business service you offer will give other LinkedIn members a practical picture of what you are worth. When creating content, you should endeavour to have a mix of short and long forms. Include text, images and videos for better understanding. Also, consider sharing content consistently- LinkedIn profiles and pages that post weekly are known to have 5-6 followers, unlike others who share monthly.

Including trends, hashtags and Google keywords will draw attention to your page and foster engagement.

Go active on LinkedIn groups

No man is an island, if you want to build a perfect LinkedIn profile you will have to get help. LinkedIn groups can offer you that. The LinkedIn group is a meeting of like-minded professionals who gather to share insight and tips on their industry. These groups allow professional networking but to get the most from here, you will have to ensure that you stand out amongst the crowd.

Sharing valuable information and asking inspiring and educating questions can help accelerate your standing here.

Host video and live sessions

This is where you turn on the influencing charm. Social Media pages that get a large number of followers these days are mostly those who engage in brand awareness. And LinkedIn allows its members to get noticed by employing several options good for influencing.  LinkedIn even allows members to share YouTube videos directly on their feed and to host live sessions which gives 7 times more reactions than just video, because people get more engaged live(like being in a lecture) than watching pre-recorded content.

Leverage the People Factor

How would you connect with other LinkedIn members who could help build your network when they don’t even know you? Engaging in other users’ content (liking, commenting and sharing genuine and insightful thoughts on their content) will make you visible to them and this in turn will help build your LinkedIn profile. Trust me, if there are to make a recommendation you would be in mind.

Use LinkedIn Polls and Listicles

LinkedIn Polls and Listicles are a form of driving engagement to your LinkedIn profile and marketing.  It allows interactive conversations with your audience.

LinkedIn how-to listicles allow the audience to give their opinions on questions via the use of creative options designed by its creators.

Final Thoughts

LinkedIn is an online social network that allows its users(employers and workers) to create profiles and connect actively with each other. Another way you can build a perfect LinkedIn profile is just staying active. Remember, LinkedIn is all you need if you are looking to gain Industry recognition and get career opportunities.



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