7 Effective Steps on How to Make Money from e-book as a Student

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One of the advantages of being a student is that you get to read more books than other people. This makes it easy to understand what being a reader feels like. Apart from being a reader, you can also make money from e-book. Read on to find out how.

Before I show you how to make money from e-book as a student, let’s take a quick look into what an e-book is and why many readers prefer it.

What is an e-book?

e-book means electronic book; it usually refers to a digital or electronic version of a published book. e-books are commonly in PDF format and can be stored on digital devices like computers, mobile phones, tablets, etc. The most popular reason readers prefer e-books is that they can be easily accessed. In addition, many students read more e-books than hard copies today, so there is always a ready market for them.

If you are a university student looking for easy ways to make money, you should consider looking into creating and selling e-books. Below are ways to make money from e-books as a student.

7 Effective Steps on How to Make Money from e-book as a Student

  1. Be a Writer First; Learn content writing 

One thing many people looking into the niche of e-book publication have failed to understand is that they have to learn how to write first before going into making sales from e-books. Content writing is a vital skill you must learn as a student before you can think of making money from e-books. As a student, you are already a reader; you know the type of topic that interests most readers and building content writing skills will help your e-book stand out from the rest.

You can develop your content writing skills online by taking courses or watching videos on YouTube. Another easy way to learn content writing is by connecting with successful content writers and authors and learning from them.

  1. Do research

The best way to sell something nobody would buy is not to do any research on the product. Therefore, it is essential to understand the niche before you plan to make money from e-books. You can start by checking online platforms where e-books are mainly sold to see the top sellers; identify the niche readers love to buy. This would help you know the best angle to focus on. After doing the research, ensure you have a plan on how to work on the book.

  1. Write to sell – learn copywriting

The best sellers of e-books are great copywriters. If you do not know how to imbibe copywriting skills into your e-books, you will not be able to sell effectively. Copywriting is simply the act of creating a product that will get people to take action from it. In this case, your action would be to get people to buy your e-book. With adequate copywriting knowledge, you’ll understand how to have a catchy topic and content that will get people to buy your e-book.

  1. Write on things you have enough knowledge about

One mistake you should avoid when planning to make money from e-books as a student is to create topics you do not know about. Also, never lie to your audience because once they find out, they will not buy from you again. Instead, ensure you research properly on whatever you need to write about.

If the topic you want to write about is out of your academic field, meet with people with the knowledge and document that experience. You can even state in the book that you had an interview with experts. Writing on things you know helps your audience see you as a professional in the field.

  1. Write on trends 

Trends are one exciting aspect of content creation that can help you make money from e-books as a student. This is because people always want to be associated with trends; no one wants to be uninformed. Therefore, you can always write on trends and publish for your audience. However, you should note that writing on trends is not a one-time thing; you must continuously give your audience something to read. This makes it easy for you to sell on different topics.

  1. Ghostwrite e-books for authors

Many authors did not write their books alone; they outsourced writers to work for them. This is one way you can make money from e-book as a student. Join freelancing platforms and sell your service to authors who need ghostwriters. The downside to being a ghostwriter is that you don’t get to be credited for your work, which is pretty sad. But not to worry, you get well paid for your effort.

  1. Sell online 

Making money through e-books is best done when you sell through platforms that allow you to make enough profits. Examples of media you can sell your e-book include; Scribd, Amazon kdp, Visme, Sellfy, and Smashwords. With these online platforms, you sell your ebook in dollars which is a profitable way to make money from ebooks as a student.

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Final Thoughts

Being a student offers you the privilege of having enough time to explore different activities. e-book creation is one of such activities you can get involved in as a student and help you with that. I have shared the above easy tips to make money from e-books. Check them out today and share your experience with me in the comment below.


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