10 Freelancing Sites to Make Money Online in Nigeria

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Are you looking for freelancing sites to make money online in Nigeria? Then check this out. Freelancing is people earning money by working for themselves, doing part-time jobs for clients, and getting paid per hour or per task? In freelancing, there is no employment contract involved, and the work can be done anywhere

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Many people today are into freelancing, and it is a good way to solve the unending problem of unemployment in society. Apart from getting part-time jobs through freelancing, you also earn dollars; this is the sweetest part of freelancing.

However, one thing you should understand about freelancing is that “it is a two-way thing.” and “the first is to earn money by being a freelancer, and the second is by being a buyer (the client) For instance, a web developer (freelancer) working for a client will get paid at the end of the task. Also, the client, who might be a product manager (buyer), is selling the website to a company that will pay him for the project. So now you see why freelancing is quite an interesting thing.

I’ll share the ten freelancing sites to make money online in Nigeria in this piece. So sit tight and enjoy the ride.

10 Freelancing sites to make money online in Nigeria

1. Voices.com

Are you good at creating voice-overs for adverts? If yes, this is a freelancing site you should check. Voices.com is one of the top sites to make money online in Nigeria. However, unlike other freelancing sites with diverse skills, this site is only for voice actors.

If you have a nice voice or you know how to fake cool accents, you can sign up for this platform. It is a free platform; you do not have to pay to be a freelancer.

One important tip in becoming a successful freelancer on voices.com is getting the needed tools to make a voice-over and ensure your room or work area is soundproofed.

2. PeoplePerHour

PeoplePerHour is also one of Nigeria’s best freelancing sites to make money online. You do not necessarily need to have work experience or become an expert in a particular field before you start earning on PeoplePerHour.

You can do many easy tasks to help you earn smoothly on the platform. Those easy tasks include; transcribing, content writing, writing video scripts, Canva template design, etc. As the name implies, you get to earn according to your hourly rates on this platform. Therefore, the more extra services your clients ask for from you, the more you get paid.

3. Flexjobs

Flexjob is a freelancing platform with a different offer for people. It offers freelancers part-time contract jobs with several companies from around the world. It is one of the top sites to make money online in Nigeria. It is a part-time contract. It can be likened to having a remote job because you work with companies, unlike other common freelancing platforms. You will be required to have working experience or to have reached a level of expertise before getting hired on Flexjobs.

Some of the roles you can get hired for on Flexjobs include; social media page manager, software developer, junior recruiter, platform marketer, etc.

One interesting advantage of Flexjobs is that you have the opportunity of being retained as a permanent remote staff of the companies you work with on the platform. That is if they are satisfied with your output over time.

4. We Work Remotely

One of the freelancing sites to make money online in Nigeria is We Work Remotely. This platform is also similar to Flexjobs, and you can work directly with companies through the platform. So it is like a third-party link between you and different companies worldwide.

As a Nigerian trying to earn on the platform, you will be expected to have a skill. Also, after joining We Work Remotely, you will be expected to apply to various job postings on the platform. Therefore, it is best to apply for jobs you have the experience in to avoid wasting your time.

5. Fiverr

Fiverr has to be one of Nigeria’s most popular freelancing sites to make money online. If you have been in freelancing for quite some time, you must have heard of Fiverr.

Many Nigerian freelancers use this platform because it is easy to navigate and offers people the opportunity to earn without having any skills or work experience. Skills you can earn on Fiverr include; Canva templates design, transcription, video scriptwriting, voice-over creation, and social media content creation.

6. Adobe Stock

If you did not know that pictures can earn you a lot of money online, now you do. Adobe Stock is one of the freelancing sites to make money online in Nigeria. It is an eCommerce platform whereby photographers and graphic designers get to buy and sell pictures and designs.

The best way to earn successfully on this platform is to ensure you have good photography and design skills.

7. Upwork

Upwork is also as popular as Fiverr in Nigeria. It is a freelancing platform that has helped many talented individuals earn a lot of money remotely. Upwork is unarguably one of the best freelancing sites to make money online in Nigeria.

If you are new to this platform, the best way to know how you can fit in is to check through the listed categories on the site. Categories can also be likened to a niche. For example, some popular categories on Upwork include; finance and accounting, development and IT, writing and translation, admin and customer support, etc.

The categories on Upwork also have subcategories; you can pick the skills you can work with under those subcategories. One great tip for getting jobs on Upwork is to have a sellable niche.

8. Pico Worker

Pico Worker is best enjoyed when you have a personal laptop to work with; although it can be used on a mobile phone, high-paying jobs on the platform are unavailable for mobile phone users.

Pico Worker is one of the best freelancing sites to make money online in Nigeria. The most interesting thing about this platform is that you can start earning after creating your account. It does not require you to have a skill compulsorily.

On Pico Worker, you get paid for carrying out simple tasks. Examples of such tasks include; clicking on adverts, following people on social media, making comments on social media, watching a YouTube video, subscribing to a YouTube channel, etc.

However, the issue with Pico Worker is that the best way to earn money is by being a buyer. I know this sounds funny, right? So let me explain; You earn around $0.08 for watching one YouTube video; when you have to think about the number of videos you have to watch to earn $100, that will discourage you from being a freelancer on the platform. However, a simple way to earn money is by reaching out to clients outside Pico Worker, for example, a YouTuber who needs high views or likes on their content, and negotiating a price with them.

After the YouTuber has paid you, you can set aside some money and sign up as a buyer on Pico Worker. You can hire many people to watch your client’s YouTube videos as a buyer. This is the best way to earn on Pico Worker. In addition, many digital marketers and social media brand strategists use Pico Worker to boost their client’s brands.

9. Freelancer.com

Freelancer is one of the easiest freelancing sites to make money online in Nigeria. I used the word ‘easiest’ because this platform is designed to allow you to see tasks in line with your skillset once you sign up. You then bid for those tasks and start earning immediately after getting your clients.

Unlike other freelancing sites, Freelancer.com brings the jobs to you immediately after it is posted by a potential client. All you have to do is submit a proposal to the job poster and wait to be offered the job.

However, you have to ensure that your profile and cover letter are convincing enough to captivate clients.

10. Toptal

A great tip for you to have before you opt for Toptal is that the platform is not for freelancers with zero skills. Instead, you must have good skills and qualified experience before earning on Toptal.

You can picture this site as a remote corporate freelancing job. Popular skills always needed on Toptal include; software development, product management, digital marketing, and brand design.

Things to consider before signing up for any of the above-listed sites

  • Your passion/ interest in the job.
  • Your experience or skill level (required on some platforms)
  • Your flexibility plan
  • The platform’s service fee
  • The available opportunities on the platform.
  • Payment protection plan provided

The unemployment rate in Nigeria is worrisome, and the best way to avoid this trap is to find other alternatives. One of the easiest alternatives you can go for is freelancing. With freelancing, you get to work less and earn more. Sharing the ten freelancing sites to make money online in Nigeria is to help you with a guideline on freelancing. With proper practice and dedication, you will be able to earn cool cash as a Nigerian freelancer.



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