20 Exciting Final Year Project Topic Ideas for Businesses and Economics Students

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Are you a Business and Economics student looking for exciting final year project topic ideas? If yes, this article was written for you.

Being a Business and Economics final year student often comes with many challenging phases, especially when sourcing ideas on how to go about your final year project. Not to worry, these challenges can be resolved when you have a guide on how to go about them.

In this discussion, we’ll provide you with 20 exciting final year project topic ideas you can explore, plus easy tips to apply when preparing for your project.

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Tips on Preparing for your Final Year Project

1. Think of a Solution

This is one tip to note when preparing for your final year project. One thing that can impress your supervisors is when they realize you are not just writing a project to earn good grades but also thinking of a solution to existing problems in that field. Check out trends relating to your field of study and look at ways you can solve problems. This will help you come up with exciting final year project topic ideas.

2. Prepare for research

There are two types of research methodologies you can adopt here: primary and secondary research methodologies. Primary research involves reaching out to stakeholders involved in your project, for example, an organization you want to write a topic on or potential users of a product you are working on. This way, you get unique responses that can influence how you present your ideas.

Using the secondary research methodology, you visit sources relating to your topic or field, such as books, online records, etc.

In essence, research shows that you worked on your project because you’ll be able to get valid references to include in your work.

3. Get guidance from your supervisor

This is one of the best ways to get exciting final year project topic ideas. Remember, your supervisor’s job is to ensure you work on a project to help you earn good grades and impress the external supervisors. So please don’t rush to work on it; seek guidance from your supervisor at every step of the project.

4. Avoid Plagiarism

Plagiarism happens when you copy people’s ideas and present them as yours. This is a severe offense in Academia, and it can result in your project being rejected or, worse, you get sued by the original owner of the piece. Ensure you do not do this. If you need to reference someone’s contribution at any project stage, indicate that you did.

5. Pick topics relating to your discipline

One of the reasons final year projects are crucial is that they are a way to prove that you have a good understanding of the course you have studied over the years. You can view this as practicalizing what your lecturers have taught you. So, it is essential that you pick topics in line with what you have been taught. Don’t get overly excited about picking topics just because you love them. Picking the right topic ideas will prevent you from getting confused while working on the project.

6. Write in a standard format

It is expected that university projects, especially in the Faculty of Business and Economics, have a particular format in the documentation. For example, a standard content format goes like this; an introduction, literature review, methodology, conclusion, and references. And end with references. You might also have to use a particular reference format, like MLA, APA, Harvard, etc., throughout the work. Don’t assume you can be different and use whatever format you want; that can result in you losing grades or your supervisor rejecting your project.

7. Have the Required Resources

Depending on the topic you settled for, there are some resources you need to have to have a well-detailed and presentable project. Some include a laptop, smartphone, research papers, funding, and tools.

Now that you have taken note of the tips for writing your final year project as a Business and Economics student, let’s explore the various exciting final year project topic ideas you can choose from.

20 Exciting Final Year Project Topic Ideas for Business and Economics Students

1.   Leveraging Users’ short attention span for product success

This is one of the exciting final year project topic ideas you can work on. This topic is about exploring alternative marketing strategies for modern businesses. It’s a common trend that people with smart devices often get easily distracted while online, and getting their attention with ads can be difficult. You can explore options such as short clips, reels, relatable copies, etc, for companies to use to sell to such people.

2.  Data Mining, An Effective Marketing Strategy

Data Mining is a process of sourcing raw data and sorting them out to identify similar patterns and trends. Many organizations often need to pay more attention to the importance of using market research data in pushing their solution to their target audience. You can pick this topic while suggesting different ways it can help companies. This is also one of the exciting final year project topic ideas you can check out.

3. Corporate Social Responsibility: How to Leverage on This for Scalability in Business

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is about organizations giving back to the community. CSR usually promotes brand loyalty and has helped many companies to scale over the years. You can look into this and focus on how companies can use this for good and in developing their products or services.

4. Global Warming and its Effect on the Economy

It is no news that global warming is happening, and if not carefully mitigated, it could damage our planet more. The best way to minimize this is to improve business processes that directly threaten the environment. For example, oil and gas companies can look for alternative ways of recycling oil waste instead of polluting rivers. Companies using plastic bags or bottles to package their products can also invest in sensitizing people about how to properly dispose of the waste so it can get recycled instead of littering the environment. This is one of the exciting final year project topic ideas for business and economics students.

5. The Role of Fintech in Financial Inclusion in Africa

As a business and economics student, you must have realized that Fintech (financial companies that leverage technology in delivering their services) has made many remarkable improvements in Africa. Companies like Opay, Bank Zero, Kuda, Yoco, and Fawry have proven that banking can be accessible to all. You can look at how these companies make it easy for people who do not know financial literacy to become a part of their solution, thereby reaching out to more Africans in the process. You should not sleep on this exciting final year project topic idea.

6. The Role of CBN in Nigeria’s Inflation

This is one of the exciting final year project topic ideas students in Nigerian institutions can work on. It is no news that Nigeria is among the countries currently battling severe inflation. You can hop on this trending issue and look at things the Central Bank of Nigeria is doing to regulate this problem.

7. The Impact of a Pandemic on Global Economic Stability

The COVID-19 pandemic 2020 came with many shocking changes in global economic activities. Many companies had to shut down during the pandemic, while others were able to continue working. In all, its impact across industries will always be remembered. You can pick this idea and explore the effect of this kind of pandemic economic activity. Don’t forget to use real-life case scenarios to solidify your points.

8. The Impact of the Japa-Syndrome on Nigeria’s Economy

Over the years, many Nigerians have relocated to other countries for different reasons. However, the recent inflation rate has forced more Nigerians to relocate to countries with better living conditions and employment opportunities, causing a massive brain drain in their home country. As a business and economics student, this is one of the most exciting final year project topic ideas you can go for.

9. The Role of Technology Companies in Automating Business Process for the Brick and Mortar Businesses

With the dynamics of technology today, many business activities have become easier. For example, road side businesses can now operate cashless transactions with customers with the integration of services like POS, banking apps, etc. You can pick this idea and suggest ways traditional companies without automation can apply these innovations to serve customers better.

10. The Rise of African Unicorns and Their Impact on the African Economy

African companies like Andela, Interswitch, Wave, Flutterwave, Opay, and Chippercash have been valued at over $1 billion, making them unicorns. But how does their valuation impact their environment? You can explore this exciting idea for your final year project.

11. How to Leverage AI in Consumer Studies

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is a powerful tool that can be used to speed up business processes. When applied in identifying the needs of consumers, it can be used to get tailored solutions to those needs. As a business and economics student, writing on this topic can help your project stand out.

12. The Economic Impact of Social Media Marketing in Business

This is one of the exciting final year project ideas you can explore. In this analysis, you’ll be focused on identifying the impact of social media marketing on businesses and the industry in which they thrive.

13. GenZs and their Role in Driving Innovation and Productivity in the Workplace

Undoubtedly, the GenZs have been a controversial generation in the global workforce. Their emergence in different industries has helped record significant changes, especially regarding innovation. You can also hop on this trendy topic for your final year project.

14. A Critical Study into the Business Model of the Oldest and Largest Bank in Nigeria: First Bank of Nigeria

First Bank of Nigeria (FBN) is the oldest bank in the country and the largest by number of physical branches. These amazing feats can make anyone curious to know how they were achieved. You can choose this as it’s one of the most exciting final year project topic ideas for business and economics students.

15. Insecurity and its Impact on Investment in West Africa

There have been various rumors concerning investors not interested in funding business projects in West Africa due to insecurity and other issues. But how true is this? Here is a chance to help look into this. You can pick this interesting topic idea for your final year project.

16.  Automation in Product Development: A Critical Analyses into How to Build Innovative Solutions

Nowadays, physical and digital products are frequently updated. For example, software, cars, phones, computers, etc., all have new releases often due to a lot of automation in their development process. If you are looking for one of the most exciting final year project topic ideas, then you can opt for this.

17.  How African Businesses Can Adopt the Franchise Model in Expanding to International Markets

Selling a product in a foreign market can be quite challenging, especially when existing competitors exist in the same market. This is why this business development process often adopts the franchise model. You can explore different ways African businesses can conquer markets in Europe, Asia, America, etc., with the power of foreign partnerships – franchises in this topic.

18.  Supply Chain Management and Poor Road Network in Africa

One of the killers of business operations is poor management of the supply of goods and services. Some African regions still have infrastructure issues like bad road networks, lack of security, crimes, etc. You can take a deep dive to discuss how companies can find alternatives for this while sourcing raw materials and getting their finished goods delivered to consumers.

19.  The Impact of Social Media Influencers on Brand Loyalty

Social media influencers are now a big force for organizations. This is because more consumers tend to be active on social media platforms, and the best way to get their attention is to use content creators (influencers) they engage with the most. You can discuss the different types of influencers companies can use in promoting brand loyalty among their customers and also look at the effect of over reliance on influencers on a brand.

20. Artificial Intelligence and the Future of Work

One of the most exciting final year project topic ideas for you to explore as a student is how Artificial Intelligence (AI) can impact the future of work. Will AI take people’s jobs? Will companies prefer to hand over their operations to bots? These are areas you can explore while working on this topic.

Final Thoughts on Exciting Final Year Project Topic Ideas

You don’t have to waste time browsing the web or reviewing past project documentation to get an idea for your project. This is why we have carefully prepared 20 exciting final year project topic ideas for you. These ideas can be explored by business and economics final year students in any institution.



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