Win $1,000 in the 2023 Fountain Essay Contest

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Topic for the 2023 Fountain Essay Contest

Application for the 2023 fountain Essay Contest is now open. While you are reading this announcement in the center of your screen, a WhatsApp message from your spouse pops up in the right corner – she reminds you of the winter storm forecast for later today. “Finally,” you think, “this has been long awaited.” Rolling your mouse back, you notice on the left-hand side of the screen an email notification; it is from your manager and you cannot ignore it – he is expecting a report by tomorrow morning. You try to move your eyes back to this announcement but a text message from your neighbor drags you to your phone – he is asking what to do about the skyrocketing property tax appraisals. As your brain inadvertently starts doing calculations with the new rates you have already forgotten what announcement you were reading about in the first place.

The above scenario sounds very familiar, doesn’t it? It happens every day to all of us. We are constantly bombarded with breaking news, online notifications, unscheduled visits, calls, and so on. This comes with a huge toll: our productivity declines, we miss deadlines, we feel concerned and even depressed because of what we just heard happened in one remote corner of the world. What is more, we cannot even make much sense of our lives in that hustle and bustle; we fail to contemplate properly in order to focus on finding answers to the real questions that bother us all.

What are your distractions? How do you cope with them? How do you remain focused on what really matters? How do you find meaning in life and move forward on a straight path?


Who is eligible to participate in this contest?

There is no age limit or a condition to fulfill for entry. The contest is open to all who want to share his or her ideas with us.

Word Count

  • Ideal word count to be between 1,500 and 2,500


  • 1st Place – $1,000
  • 2nd Place – $500
  • 3rd Place – $300
  • Two Honorable Mentions – $150 each


  • When is the last day for submissions?

May 31, 2023



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