Top Seminar Topics for Mass Communication Final Year Students

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Mass communication is an interdisciplinary field that deals with the study of media and communication. Mass communication students learn about how people use media to communicate, what types of media are used, how mass media affects society and culture and how to be creative in presenting ideas through various media such as radio and television programs. Many fields of study connect to the field of mass communication including Journalism, Public Relations Management and Advertising.

Schedules are tight, and the final year students of mass communication are tasked with choosing the right topic for their seminar. I can understand that there is a lot of pressure building up on you to choose an interesting and acceptable topic and that is why I have written this article compiling some of the top Seminar topics for Mass Communication final year students of Mass Communication.

Here are some Seminar Topics for Mass Communication Final Year Students:

50 Seminar Topics for Mass Communication Final Year Students

The following are some Seminar Topics for Mass Communication you can consider for your project/seminar:

1. Attitude Of Female Mass Communication Students Towards Journalism As A Career.

2. Usage Pattern Of Social Media Among Students of (your school)

3. Mother Tongue Interference In The Pronunciation Of English Words Among Broadcasters.

4. The Role Of Mass Media In Economic Development In Nigeria.

5. Pronunciation And Intonation Of English Newscasters As A Veritable Tool For Effective News And Programme.

6. The Effects Of Television Advertisements On The Buying Habit Of Consumers

7. The Impact Of Television In The Political Development Of Rural Areas.

8. The Role Of Radio And Television In Rural Development.

9. Impact Of Digitization Of The Broadcasting Media In Nigeria

10. Audience Perception And Opinion Formation On The Potency Of Print Media.

11. The Impact Of MTN Advertisement On Subscribers

12. Influence Of Government Ownership On Political Contents Of Broadcasting Service in Nigeria.

13. Positive Effects Of Mass Media And Technology On The Upbringing Of Children.

14. The Role Of Mass Media In Economic Development In Nigeria.

15. Application Of Media Ethics In News Gathering And Dissemination

16. Social Media As An Effective Communication And Feedback Platform For Public Relations.

17. Use Of Information And Communication Technologies Among Academics In Nigerian Universities.

18. Rising Trend In The Use Of Social Media Networks By Students In Seeking Information.

19. The Use Of Social Media During Endsars Protest In Nigeria.

20. The Impact Of The Media In Promoting Good Governance In Nigeria

21. Challenges Facing The Media In Dissemination Of Information

22. The Influence Of ICT On Broadcast Journalism.

23. The Assessment Of The Role Of Social Media In Raising Awareness About Police Brutality In Nigeria.

24. Comparative Analysis Of Traditional Media vs. New Media.

25. Social Media As An Emerging Tool For Political Participation.

26. Impact Of Internet As A Research Tool For Students Of Tertiary Institutions In Nigeria.

27. Communication As A Tool In Enhancing Organizational Performance In Nigeria.

28. Comparative Analysis Of Performance Of Government And Privately Owned Broadcasting Media Organization In Nigeria.

29. Impact Of Facebook, Twitter And YouTube As An Emerging Media Of Political Communication.

30. Implication Of National Broadcasting Commission (NBC) Rules And Regulation On Broadcasting Media In Nigeria.

31. Importance Of Indigenous Language In Broadcasting Media In Nigeria.

32. Influence Of Nigerian Newspapers In Covering Human Right Issues In Nigeria.

33. State Owned Broadcast Media As A Tool For Government Propaganda In Nigeria.

34. Problem And Prospect Of Media Management In Nigeria.

35. Impact Of Social Media On National Security.

36. Influence Of Newspaper Reports On Terrorism In Nigeria: Content Analysis Of (two newspaper) From January To June 2022.

37. Fake News And Whistle Blowing Policy: Public Assessment Of The Impact On Media Credibility.

38. Effectiveness Of The Television As An Element Of Mass Media In The Teaching Of English Language.

39. The Influence of Social Media on Modern Journalism Practice.

40. The Influence of Social Media on Journalism from the Perspective of Twitter Ban.

41. The Impact of Television Advertising as a Critical Element in Influencing Consumer Choice

42. Radio Listening Habits of Students in Higher Institutions

43. Critical Assessment of the Use of Social Media During Covid-19 Pandemic in Nigeria.

44. Reality Tv Shows And Moral Development Of Nigeria Youths: Big Brother Naija(BBN) As A Case Study..

45. The Role Of Mass Media In Crisis Management In Nigeria.

46. Mass Media and Its Role in Influencing the Rate of Crime Among Youths in the Society.

47. Evaluation of Government Attitude Towards the Nigeria Media in the Present Democratic Dispensation.

48. The Social Media and the Challenge of Freedom of Expression

49. Effect of Social Media on Academic Performance of Students.

50. Analysis Of Changing Trends In The Flow Of Information In Internet Communications.

Final Thoughts on Seminar Topics for Mass Communication Final Year Students

When you’re in the final year of your mass communication course, thinking about your future career can be daunting. However, this is a good time to start planning for professional life after university. Your project and seminar can give you a clue as to the fields available and information on them.


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