Top 10 UK Universities that offers Application Fee Waivers

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Studying in the United Kingdom is academically rewarding and fulfilling. However, it can be quite expensive for International students when considering currency exchange rates and for domestic students who can not afford the application fees associated with each. The application fee requirement of most UK universities before enrollment which is often a lot of money and also nonrefundable further makes the financial burden heavier. Still there exist a few top UK universities that offers application fee waivers while also offering an equal opportunity for academic enrollment.

This article aims to share a few of the top UK universities that offers application fee waivers for international and domestic students. Some require applicants to meet certain criteria for the application fee waiver to be effective while some do not.

Top 10 UK Universities that offers Application Fee Waivers

University of Glasgow

Located in Glasgow, Scotland, the University of Glasgow is a Public research-led university and also one of Scotland’s ancient universities.  The University of Glasgow allows application fee waiver for:

  • Some Postgraduate programs
  • Sponsored applicants when submitting online applications and
  • International and Domestic undergraduate students applying for a first-year via CommonApp

University of Cambridge

The University of Cambridge which is one of the top universities in the world and the 4th oldest university in the United Kingdom also offers an application fee waiver to these set of applicants;

  • Those applying to study in the school of Life Sciences
  • UK applicants from a low-income family
  • Applicants who are Asylum seekers/refugees
  • Overseas applicants who hail from the University’s selected countries of which application fee waiver applies.

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University of Oxford

Regarded as the oldest university in the English-speaking world with evidence of teaching which dates back to 1096, the University of Oxford application fee waiver of £75 applies to:

  • Applicants from low-income countries
  • Refugees and displaced applicants
  • UK applicants from low-income homes
  • Postgraduate Programme applicants
  • Students applying for readmission and
  • Applicants who seek to study related research courses.

Lancaster University

Lancaster University was founded in 1964 and has an acceptance rate of 19%. In 2021 it was ranked among the top 10 universities in the UK according to The Times.

Lancaster University offers an application fee waiver for Postgraduate research applicants as well as International and Undergraduate students.

University of Greenwich

The University of Greenwich which was founded in 1890 is open to applicants with no application fees required. The University welcomes international students from more than 150 countries and it offers a variety of courses to choose from.

University College London

Commonly referred to as “London’s global university” and ranked the 8th leading university in the World, University College London has application fee waiver world for some Undergraduate and Postgraduate courses and both International and domestic students.

Imperial College London

Established in 1907 by Royal Charter, Imperial College London currently ranks 5th in the British University League tables and the 6th in the world university ranking of 2023

The Imperial College fixed application fee of £135 waiver applies to:

  • Postgraduate courses except for MBA and MSC programs
  • International and domestic undergraduate applicants and
  • Doctoral course applicants.

Other top UK universities that offer application fee waiver includes:

University of Leeds: Application fee waiver applies to international and domestic students applying for Postgraduate courses.

University of Sheffield: Offers application fee waiver to some Postgraduate taught degree programs.

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University of Harwick:  No application fee for Postgraduate Research Applications or Postgraduate Awards


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