The Horizon Fellowship Programme at The University of Sydney – Fully Funded

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Calling on researchers and scholars with a flare for climate change; the Horizon Fellowship Programme at the University of Sydney, Australia, provides opportunities for researchers kickstarting their career in climate change or in the middle of their career to partner with scholars at the university in researches revolving around climate change.

The Horizon Fellowship Programme at The University of Sydney

In a groundbreaking move, the University of Sydney has announced the appointment of 40 research fellows, marking an unprecedented investment in addressing the critical issues of climate change, health, and sustainability. With a record $100 million allocated to the Sydney Horizon Fellowship Programme, this initiative stands as the first of its kind in Australia and ranks among the world’s most generous university fellowships.

The cohort of Horizon Fellows comprises 15 internal and 25 external appointments, representing a diverse pool of early and mid-career academics. Hailing from prestigious institutions across North America, Asia, and Europe, these fellows bring with them a wealth of international education and work experience. Notably, 10 of the fellows are university alumni, while four are returning staff members.

Areas of Interest

The Horizon Fellowship Programme encompasses a wide array of topics, each approached with a multidisciplinary lens. From developing conversational AI for patients with heart failure to enhancing coral reef resilience, the research initiatives span across various domains. Other areas of focus include addressing sleep-wake disturbances, leveraging music to tackle mental health issues, and promoting sustainable diets for young children.

Benefits of Horizon Fellowship Programme

  • Each Horizon Fellow will benefit from a five-year research-focused fellowship
  • Full funding through out the programme
  • A tailored training and development programme.
  • This support aims to nurture the leadership skills of the fellows and amplify the impact of their research endeavours.

The Sydney Horizon Fellowship Programme represents a bold step towards addressing the world’s most pressing issues, underscoring the University of Sydney’s commitment to excellence, innovation, and societal impact. As these fellows embark on their research journeys, the potential for positive change is boundless, shaping a brighter and more sustainable future for generations to come.

How to Apply

  • Visit the fellowship programme advert page (click here) to check out available research.
  • Select your faculty, where you’ll see the research topics and the name of the professor.
  • Send an application to the contact information below. Ensure your application include your CV, cover letter, and your SOP.

Fellowship Programme by Faculty

The Horizon Fellows have been appointed across the faculties in this order;

  • Faculty of Medicine and Health – 14
  • Faculty of Science – 9
  • Faculty of Engineering – 8
  • Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences – 3
  • Sydney School of Architecture, Design and Planning – 3
  • University of Sydney Business School – 2
  • Sydney Conservatorium of Music – 1

Apply Now – Deadline Not Stated

Don’t miss this chance to partner with world-class scholars on the issue of climate change. Click here to visit the programme advert page for further information and how to complete your application. Your application should be sent to the contact information below:

Verity Leatherdale

Manager, Faculty Media and PR

Mobile: +61 403 067 342


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