Project Ideas for Mass Communication Final Year Students in 2022

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Your final year project creates an opportunity for you to choose a project topic in a specialized study area and gain comprehensive knowledge in that domain. As you work on your final year project, you’ll apply your theoretical knowledge to solving real-world issues, while sharpening your analytical and communication skills. However, choosing a suitable project topic is often a challenge for many final year students. If you’re a Mass Communication final year student, this article is perfect for you as it’s specifically written to provide project topic ideas Mass Communication Final Year Students.

If you’re studying another course in the university, that’s also great. You can check out our other articles on project topic ideas for various university courses.

So, let’s dive right into it. Here are great project ideas for Mass Communication final year students in 2022.

Project Ideas for Mass Communication Final Year Students in 2022


  1. Influence of Advertisement on Consumer Behavior

The advertising domain is a significant area to explore for your final year project. At a time like this, when the media is awash with all forms of advertisement to lure consumers, a study focusing on the influence of advertisement on consumer behaviour is highly relevant. To embark on this research, you’ll need to select a particular community and a specific advertisement as the case study. For example, the influence of Dettol soap advertisement on consumer behaviour in Lagos Island community. Using questionnaires, you’ll get data on the frequency of exposure to the advertisement, and how it has influenced the behaviour of consumers. This study will provide insight into various forms of advertisement and recommendations for further research.

  1. Impact of Social Media on Students Academic Performance

Modern technology has turned today’s world into a global village. However, technology, like two sides of a coin, has both positive and negative impacts. In some quarters, it’s believed that since the advent of social media, the academic performance of students is facing challenges. So, this study will answer the question: how does social media affect the academic performance of students? To make the study easy, limit the scope to students in a particular university. Using questionnaires, you can easily get data for analysis. From your findings, you’ll provide recommendations on how to balance social networking and academic performance to prevent academic setbacks.

  1. Impact of Public Relations on a Corporate Organisation 

If you’re looking to build a career in public relations, this is a fantastic topic for your project. You’ll find it interesting and useful for further studies. Corporate organisations embark on public relations to ensure a mutual understanding with the public. In this study, you’ll be assessing the relevance of public relations in a corporate organisation using a selected renowned organisation as a case study. Using questionnaires, you’ll get information on whether public relations is expensive, if it has helped the organisation to attract more customers, how it helps to maintain smooth communication with the public, etc.

  1. Comparative Study on the Performances of Government Owned and Privately Owned Media Organisations

Most times, media organisations have to function in tune with the whims and caprices of their owners, which often affect the programme quality of the media houses, resulting in loss of audience grip. This is particularly true of government owned broadcast media. To embark on this study, you’ll need to select two media outlets, such as radio stations or televisions (one government owned and one privately owned) in a specific geographic location. Using questionnaires, you’ll get answers to questions like, does the emergence of private broadcasting media improve broadcasting? How does the emergence of private broadcasting media pose challenges to government owned broadcast media? Does source credibility affect listenership? With this study, you’ll gain insight into media performance and contribute significantly to mass communication literature in your country.

  1. Impact of Television Broadcasting on Election Campaigns 

This is an interesting project topic to consider, particularly if you’re interested in politics. We all know that the mass media plays a critical role during election processes in any nation. When the mass media provides information that’s educating and enlightening without bias, it can help to ensure a free and fair election. For this study, you’ll use questionnaires to assess the level of equal media coverage given to political parties and candidates, the level of media exposure of electoral misconduct, the significant relationship between media coverage and a free and fair election, etc. To make your study easy, you can select people within a specific metropolis as your sample size.

  1. Attitude of University Female Mass Communication Students to Journalism as a Career

Globally, there is a glaring absence of a significant number of female journalists compared to their male counterparts. The number of women who take up a career in journalism is often far less than the number of female graduates from journalism schools and universities. Using a selected university, you’ll provide questionnaires to female mass communication students to assess their attitude towards journalism as a career. The research will question whether it’s the hazards of journalism that scare women away from the profession, and if women, because of their supposed fragile nature, pursue other less hazardous jobs after training. Findings from this study can help in creating programme designs and implementation to help increase women’s participation in journalism.

  1. Influence of News Censorship on the Performance of Media Houses 

While most countries have laws which give media houses the right to publish news, that’s in the best interest of the society, these laws often have loopholes and many times governments and influential individuals infringe on those rights and prevent the delivery of news objectively. For this research, you can limit your scope of study to the staff (reporters and editors) of a specific media house. You’ll administer questionnaires to these staff to find out the extent to which they face problems of news censorship, types of news censorship, how it has affected their performance in disseminating news objectively to their audience, etc. You’ll find this study highly impactful and a good foundation for a career in journalism.

Having read this article, you can now choose a topic that’d be the best fit for your final year project. Remember that whatever topic you choose should be interesting to you, as this will increase your motivation to carry out the research excellently and boost your confidence as you prepare for your project defense. Feel free to leave your comments or questions in the comments section below. All the best!

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