Project Ideas for food science and technology final year students 2022

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Food technology can be defined as the application of food science to the precise selection, preservation, processing, packaging, distribution, and consumption of healthy foods. This course is one of the most relevant courses in 2022 since the knowledge acquired from the course study can be used in hospitals, learning institutions, and the hotel & tourism industry. Studying the course will guarantee you graduate with relevant knowledge in food chemistry, food microbiology, food quality assurance, and food engineering. In this article, In this article, we are going to explore some project ideas for food science and technology final year student

Without a doubt, the course is also one of the simplest since it doesn’t entail tedious calculations and bulk theories. If you soldier on till your final year, the institution will require you to carry out a project that will show you have gained the requisite knowledge to apply what you’ve learned to solve real-world problems.

Coming up with a well-researched food science and technology project is no joke. Many students tend to get overwhelmed and end up messing up their entire project. Therefore, if you are stuck on coming up with fantastic topic ideas for your project, then it is my pleasure to guide you through some fabulous project ideas for food science and technology.

Project Ideas for food science and technology final year students 2022

Here are some project ideas for food science and technology you can use for your final year project:

Economic Assessment of some methods adopted in Yoghurt Production

This is a very interesting project ideas for food science that you can adopt for your final year project. To carry out the project effectively, you’ll have to first understand the different procedures used to process yogurt. Give a little background information about how yogurt is manufactured using a yogurt starter culture which is a mixture of Streptococcus thermophilous and Lactobacillus bulgaricus.

You can gear your project towards coming up with an appropriate process of producing yogurts. Additionally, you can also come up with effective solutions to solve problems of different yogurt processing methods. Last but not least, do not forget to assess the economic aspect of yogurt production and settle on the one that is cost-effective but doesn’t compromise on the yogurts’ quality.

Effect of Availability of Equipment on Students’ performance in food and nutrition

This is yet another interesting project since it is very practical and doesn’t require a lot of background research which sometimes becomes a challenge to many students. This project will require you to visit various learning institutions; interact with various food science students, lecturers, etc.,.

To successfully carry out the project, you will need a structured questionnaires which you will use as your data collection instruments. Your aim should include: bringing out some of the challenges that face students studying Food Science and technology. Some of the challenges might include inadequate instructional materials and books in the institutions, insufficient infrastructure and equipment in schools, and negative attitude by students and parents towards food science and technology.

After pointing out the key challenges, your projects should try and solve some of these challenges. This can be done by recommending solutions such as having regular training programs such as workshops, conferences, and seminars to equip lecturer with adequate knowledge on teaching food science and technology. In addition, you can urge schools to enter into partnerships with industries and corporate bodies that will help them in financing the implementation of the Food and nutrition curriculum.

The impact of Nutrition education on dietary habits of children

This is one of the easiest projects to undertake. In this present day, the issue of poor nutrition practices has been fast-rising especially in adolescent children. This is a global concern that requires health educators to chip in emphasize nutrition education and impacts on the dietary habits of children.

Depending on your country, you can issue questionnaires to mothers in random communities within the sphere of your research. The questionnaire should cover key questions that nutrition education seek to address, you need to be sure they are even aware of nutrition education. This will enable you to gather data for your analysis and discussion. In your project, talk about the long-term effects that poor nutrition has on children.

Therefore, your project should be more focused on educating mothers about sources of nutrients and a balanced diet, serving as a guide to nutrition dieticians and educators, and improving the eating habits of children in your country.

Production and Determination of Functional Properties of plantain flour

Plantain is one of the most important global food commodities. A recent study showed that plantain provides at least 25% of carbohydrates to about 70 million people living across sub-Saharan Africa. If this is the project you’ve opted to go for, then you’ll have to touch a bit on the background of plantain flour production. That may include procurement of matured plantain, chipping, drying, milling, and packaging. You will then point out the benefits of plantain flour. This is a very simple project which should be aimed at bringing out the functional properties of plantain flour as well as how to produce it in large quantities.

The Role of Food Science in Human Nutrition

Food science deals with the study of food from the time it is harvested, processed, stored, and packaged. Human nutrition on the other hand focuses on the utilization of various foods in the human system. Both food science and human nutrition are interrelated since they both deal with food. Therefore, your study should focus on what significant role food science plays in human nutrition based on the different types of food human beings consume every single day. Give a detailed explanation about various roles of food science such as food processing, food fortification, and food preservation. This is a very fascinating project that will guarantee you a high grade in your final exams. Remember to keep it short, informative, and interesting as much as possible.

Final Thoughts

Just like any other project in various courses, food science and technology projects require proper research to come up with a relevant conclusion. These projects will even require you to go the extra mile of conducting interviews and issuing questionnaires as your data collection instruments. After settling on a certain project, jot down the plan you’ll use to see it to completion, Plan adequately in terms of time, research, and data collection. Lastly, remember to believe in yourself. I believe you are capable of achieving greater success. All the Best!!                                          

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