How to Prepare for your Final Nursing Licensure Examination

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Many people always tend to feel overwhelmed when their exam is around the corner. Be it a Continuous Assessment Test or a Final examination. Scientifically, this is because the brain is experiencing unrest due to numerous unnecessary questions we tend to ask ourselves. Like, What if I don’t pass? What if the examiner brings a question from a topic I haven’t covered? What if I fail the whole test? Asking yourself all these unnecessary questions won’t make it easier. The secret is to get up and read!! The crucial question should then be, “How will I do that?” I’ll gladly help you out, especially if you are about to sit for your final nursing licensure examination.

The truth is, I’m not going to talk about things you’ve never heard before. Neither am I assuring you that you will ace your final nursing licensure examination. But what I can guarantee you is that these simple tips might just make a positive difference in Final Nursing Licensure Examination.

How to Prepare for your Final Nursing Licensure Examination

In no particular order, here are ten tips that will help you make the best out of Final Nursing Licensure Examination.

Create a Study Plan

We all know that not planning is planning to fail. Creating a study plan is just a step closer to achieving success in your final examination. Planning for any exam has always done it for me, and I bet it would do the same for you. Plan in terms of what you’ll study at each particular time. A good study plan should also contain clearly defined academic goals. This means, clearly state out what grades you’d like to get in your final nursing licensure examination, why it is important for you to achieve the grades, and lastly, how you would be able to achieve those grades. Ask yourself which topics are you weak in, then ensure that in your study timetable, those particular topics get the most allocated time.

Have Regular study breaks

As much as you work on achieving the best scores in your final examination, don’t forget that the brain needs to rest. Too much of anything is bad. In simpler terms reading is good, too much reading is harmful. This is because the brain needs to relax and consume what it is being fed. Just like a computer or laptop, the more data you fill them with, the slower they become with time. This is what happens with the brain. It can only store a certain capacity of information at a given time. Apart from the brain, the body needs to rest as well. Try taking a walk, hitting the treadmill, jogging, or cycling a bicycle. This helps you to unwind as you slowly digest what you’ve read for the whole day.

Form Relevant study groups

Study groups are considered one of the best study techniques available. This is because, with study groups, you can share knowledge with a group of individuals. You get to educate them where you have not understood and vice versa. A study group might consist of some graduates, fast learners, and slow learners. It can help you learn a certain easy technique or an easy way to answer questions. However, study groups should not consist of lazy or non-participant individuals. To get the most out of these study groups, try to make them lively and formal at the same time. No chit chats or gossips about what’s trending or other topics unrelated to the examination.

Take advantage of available study resources

With the advancement in technology, the internet is now regarded as the No.1 study resource. Anything you need from notes, pdfs, educational videos and so much more can be gotten from the convenience of your phone. You can also decide to go to the library and take on some of the best books concerning the topics you want to study. However, this isn’t a normal exam, it’s the final nursing licensing exam. Studying both the new versions and old versions of books. This is because you might just lack some key information on the detailed information. You can also read your notes for a better understanding of the questions.

Try taking a Practice Exam

Take advantage of a practice test. This helps you to know where you stand. This will give you insights on topics you haven’t covered, areas where you are very weak, and areas you are very strong. Try to do as many questions as possible i.e. anywhere from 50 questions to 100 questions each day. Try to identify where you have missed marks and try to seek the best possible answers. This ensures that when you meet the questions in your final nursing licensure exams, you’ll be able to tackle them with much ease.

Maintain a routine

Indeed, practice doesn’t make perfect, it makes permanence. Also, with determination, you will never start, but most importantly, without consistency, you’ll never finish. This means that, no matter how much you want to pass your exams, without preparing to study for it only guarantees failure. You’ll have to go the extra mile and make that study plan and try as much as possible to stick to eating. Please note that as you are studying, just act normal. Don’t overdo reading. If you used to go to the gym, do it. If you used to take an hour walk, please don’t stop. Just fix your study program into your daily activities. I assure you that it will pay off.

Read the Entire question

When handed over the question paper, don’t just dive right in and start answering the questions haphazardly. Take your time, go through the instructions, open the question paper and just have a quick skim of all the available questions.  Read the questions all over again ticking out the easiest questions. Now come back to the first easiest question, reread it, while answering the correct answers. Go to the next, finish, and so on.  You can then finish with the more complicated questions which are always time-consuming.

Avoid second guesses

Self-doubt is the reason why most people always fail in examinations like this. Due to the tension and uncertainty of your answer, you might be tempted to change it. This is not a good idea since 75% of the changed answers are usually wrong. Be certain and affirmative in what you have written since science has it that the first answer that comes to the brain is usually the correct answer.

Take care of Yourself

Before sitting for your Final Nursing Licensure examination, ensure that you have had a good night’s sleep. Preferably 7 to 8 hours. This always you to wake up feeling refreshed for the day as well as puts your mind in the right psychological state for the final exam. Eat well and arrive early for the exam. This will also improve your level of confidence in the exam.


If you dream of becoming a qualified nurse, above are the study tips I think you should follow. Nothing comes easy and you’ll have to study for the exam very broadly. However, believe in yourself, and you are halfway there. I know you can do it!!

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