Everything You Need to Know About Canada Express Entry

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Are you a job seeker looking to migrate to Canada in search of better work opportunities? You will most likely have to go through the Canada Express Entry process.

The Canada Express Entry is a 2015 upgraded immigration program developed by the Canadian government to manage the billions of skilled workers who seek to permanently migrate to Canada from their home countries. Don’t worry, the Express Entry was not developed to deny immigration applicants entry into the Canadian territory it is an easier and more efficient process that will increase your chances of getting your immigration application approved. I will tell you why.

This article will share with you more about the Express entry process and all you need to know about it.

How the Canada Express Entry process works

Canada Express Entry is an immigration program that makes use of the electronic system.  The E-system operates by allowing interested immigration candidates to submit their profiles online. The Canadian government then transfers the candidates’ information provided in their profile to the express entry pool where their skill set worth is further determined by a comprehensive Ranking system(CRS).

Yes, the Express Entry is a point-based process. The Canadian government will assess the efficiency of the skills you are providing before they decide on your application.

About the Comprehensive Ranking System(CRS)

The Canadian government’s decision to approve or deny entry to immigration candidates is greatly dependent on the results of the CRS.

The CRS calculates the candidates’ worth by their age, language skills, Education, work experience and other factors. Highest scoring CRS candidates are then selected every week and then provided with an ITA(Invitation to apply). The Express entry process is simple but that means as a skilled worker looking to migrate to Canada working towards having a higher CRS score is important.

How to have a higher CRS score in the Canada Express entry process

Like I said earlier having a high CRS score is necessary if you must be given an invitation to apply by the Canadian government and it is easy to have a high CRS score in the express entry pool if you know how.

  • I would suggest you hire a legal professional to provide you with guidance on how to obtain a high CRS score(the CRS process is somewhat legal too).
  • If you can, you should get a Canadian job offer before beginning the  express entry process. This does not mean you will be given an ITA because of it but it will increase your CRS score.
  • Do all you can to claim all the CRS points you will be eligible for(education, work experience etc.,)
  • Get a language proficiency skill in either English or French and improve your language test score.
  • You should also obtain more education and garner more work experience before you get on the Express entry. The more experience your skill set is the higher your chances.

How much does the Canada Express entry process cost?

The express entry process has zero cost this implied that submitting your profile to the Canada express entry pool is free. However, you will incur some costs before you get to submit your express entry profile.

You would have to get a language proficiency certificate from a language testing organization that is approved by the Canadian government. Language proficiency is one of the Canadian express entry requirements.

You will also have to get your educational credentials properly assessed by a professional and you will also have to hire a legal service to guide you in the express entry process(that is if you want to do all it takes to get an ITA by the Canadian government).

You might also have to pay translation fees for your documents, and this requires money too.

After you have been given an ITA, you would also have to pay the stated processing fees to get your Permanent residence application processed. There is also the cost of getting a medical exam, police background check, and your biometrics done but all these are personal costs they are not Canada’s express entry stated cost.

You will most likely spend some money in the Canada Express entry process but I must tell you that the benefits you will enjoy if you are successful in your immigration to Canada quest will outweigh the money spent.

Express Entry Eligibility

As a skilled worker, before applying for Express entry, you should check your eligibility status.

The Canada express entry program is divided into three; the federal skilled worker program(at least 1-year full-time work experience or a 10year work experience), the Canadian Experience Class( for international students and foreign workers with a Canadian work experience), and the Federal skilled trades program(based on qualifying for a skilled trade for candidates who wish to be permanent Canadian residents). Knowing where your skill fits in and whether you are fit for the Canada Express Entry program will help prevent time waste.

To learn more about the Canada Express entry eligibility, visit www.canadavisa.com

How to apply for Canada Express entry

Before applying for Canada Express entry, check your eligibility status, acquire a language proficiency(English or French) certificate, and obtain an assessment of your educational credentials.

Proceed to submit your profile on the Canada Express entry website which is that of the IRCC( Immigration Refugees and Citizenship Canada).

Then patiently wait to receive an ITA from the Canadian government.

After you have received your ITA, you should submit your completed application for permanent residence (APR)form to the IRCC and pay its associated processing fees within the specified time. please endeavour to attach your medical certificate and police background check as well.

Get your biometrics done and submit as at when it is required by the IRCC

Now, you will have to wait to receive the IRCC decision which regards to your submitted application. This could take 6 months but if you are lucky you could be answered before 6 months.

If your APR has been approved, you will receive a confirmation of permanent residence and a permanent visa if necessary. At this stage, you can proceed to travel to Canada as you are now considered one of its permanent residents.

Benefits of the Express entry

Express entry has proven to be an efficient process of selecting the best from the billions of Canada’s immigration applications from applicants around the world. If you are a good skilled worker you should apply.

The Canada express entry is a comfortable application process, as an immigration applicant, you are assured of being at ease in the entire process compared to other countries’ immigration programmes.

Also, the express entry process will help you to know if your skills are a fit for the Canadian work environment as its method of selection is purely about picking the best. This way it will help you prevent the unnecessary expenses of travelling to Canada with the intent of finding a job but eventually not getting one.


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