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About the UNESCO Patrimonito Storyboard Competition

The UNESCO World Heritage Centre is pleased to launch the latest edition of the Patrimonito Storyboard Competition 2022. This competition aims to provide young people with an opportunity to use their creative and problem-solving skills to raise awareness about World Heritage sites.

The World Heritage Education Programme is welcoming secondary school pupils and youth to create storyboards on the theme for this year’s competition. The best submission will be selected by an independent jury and professionally produced into animated films for global distribution to schools and at World Heritage education events.

Patrimonito’s World Heritage Adventures cartoon series is a flagship activity carried out under the World Heritage Education Programme, since 2002. The cartoon series aims to raise awareness of the importance of heritage preservation among the youth, through a “by young people, for young people” approach, inviting them to convey the message of World Heritage preservation to their peers.

While this challenge of Climate Change is monumental, one can also take inspiration from heritage towards climate action. World Heritage properties also harbour options for society to mitigate and adapt to climate change through the ecosystem benefits, such as water and climate regulation. Cultural heritage, on the other hand, can convey traditional knowledge that builds resilience for change to come and lead us to a more sustainable future. It is hence crucial for all generations to help raise awareness of the impacts of climate change on human societies and cultural diversity, biodiversity and ecosystem services, and the world’s natural and cultural heritage.

In this context, we invite young people from around the world to reflect on the pressing issue of Climate Change, its impact on the World Heritage sites around them, and the solutions or measures in their opinion, that would help address these challenges.


  • Networking with expert on Climate Change
  • Access on World Heritage sites
  • Opportunity to provide solutions or measures in their opinion, that would help address Climate Change challenges.


  • The Patrimonito storyboard competition is open to young people from all over the world aged between 12 and 18 years old.
  • The artworks must be created solely by the participant(s), either by hand or using digital drawing tools.

APPLICATION DEADLINE: September 30, 2022

TO APPLY, click here

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