Call for Application: GenScript Life Science Research Grant Program (Up to $100,00)

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About the GenScript Life Science Research Grant Program

GenScript Life Science Research Grant Program is a new initiative dedicated to supporting breakthroughs in life science research areas, including but not limited to Gene and Cell Therapy Development, Antibody Drug Discovery, Vaccine Development, Diagnostics and Plant Sciences.

The grant program is designed to empower researchers by providing grant funding earmarked explicitly for purchasing GenScript reagents and services.

As a brand, GenScript provides comprehensive “one-stop” solutions for projects in the research areas listed above through its advanced technologies and platforms. The Life Science Research Grant Program will leverage GenScript’s existing capabilities to accelerate projects by partnering with investigators globally on their proposed projects.

Total Number of Grant:

  • A total of 40 grants are planned and will be awarded based on scientific merit, potential for impact, and strategic alignment with GenScript’s primary areas of scientific interest.

How they will be Awarded

  • Grants will be awarded at a range of funding levels, dependent on GenScript’s internal committee assessment of the project’s budget needs. The maximum amount to be awarded is set at 100,000 USD for qualifying projects.

Project Duration

  • Projects are expected to commence promptly after receiving grant funding from GenScript, and research activities should generally take place over 12 months or less.

How to Apply for GenScript Life Science Research Grant Program

Grant applications for the 2024 Grant Program may be submitted electronically in English through GenScript’s online portal. Alternatively, the application form may be downloaded from the webpage and sent to to apply.


Application Submission Period:

February 2 – March 15; March 16 – June 15, June 16- September 15

September 16- November 15

Application Review Period:

March 16- April 19, June 16 – July 19, September 16 – October 19,

November 16- December 19

Award announcement date

April 20, July 20, October 20, December, 20

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