A Research Paper Example- 11 Examples Of How To Write A Paper 

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One of the most difficult assignments for students is to write a research paper. It takes a lot of time and effort to write a single page if you don’t know what you are doing. If you are struggling to write a research paper, this article on research paper example will guide you through

The introduction is the starting point of the research paper. It contains the purpose of the study and an outline of the research question. This section also generally explains what you are about to do, the method that you want to follow, and the hypothesis.

The method explains how you conducted the research and what sampling size you used and much more. The final results of the research are given in the conclusion section of the paper.

In this article, you will see how other researchers wrote each part of their papers. Use the links below their works to read the full paper.

A Research Paper Example- Title

Researchers need to decide what makes a good title for research paper titles. The title of the paper should give the reader an idea of what the paper is about. The title is the first thing that a reader will see and therefore it should have a concise and clear message that will grab their attention.

Your title should help you focus on the most important aspects of the paper and set your expectations for its content. It’s not original if you write a paper that summarizes information and doesn’t have anything to do with your specialty. It’s not an original idea at all.

There should only be one page on the title page. The author’s name, the title of the research paper, the university’s name, the page numbers, and the year of publication should be on it.


How Sleep-Deprived People See and Evaluate Others’ Faces: An Experimental Study


Holistic marketing: Integrated marketing and relationship marketing impact to marketing performance


Assessment of Tiger Tourism in India:A Case Study of Ranthambore Tiger Reserve, Rajasthan, India


A Research Paper Example-Author Name

Women entrepreneurship in developing economies: A gender-based growth model

Oyedele Martins Ogundana, Amon Simba, Leo-Paul Dana & Eric Liguori

A Research Paper Example- Abstract

A summary of the content and a broad overview of the findings can be provided in an abstract. The abstract should show the purpose of the study and the key findings of the study. Here include the information to help the reader decide whether or not to dive deeper into the article.

An abstract is short, succinct, and easy to understand. The purpose of an abstract is to get the reader to read the research paper. The abstract doesn’t tell the readers anything that isn’t already in the rest of the paper.


Implementation Model of Community Based Tourism on Rural Tourism


One effort of increasing rural economy can be conducted by developing rural tourism. Tourism sector is considered to be capable to encourage the development of other economy sectors…Dieng Plateau as a tourist attraction has various kinds of attractions…

This research aims at identifying how the implementation model of Community Based Tourism has been conducted to the development of Dieng Kulon rural tourism. This research is a qualitative one, which uses the primary data taken from Observation Technique and Focus Group Discussion. …


A Research Paper Example- Introduction

In the introduction section, you need to provide a general overview of the topic so that the readers can understand the contents of the research paper. Include a summary of the main points of the first paragraph is needed in the second paragraph of the introduction section. You should provide a short review of the previous literature related to the topic, summarize the current state of knowledge, and give an explanation of the problems addressed by the research project in this paragraph.




The causes, nature, and dynamics of development and security in the global South, including Africa, Asia, and Latin America are commonly attributed to internal inadequacies by liberal political economists. Accordingly, weak institutions, policy deficit, ethnicity, corruption, poor leadership, and all other symptoms of an entity that is in dire need of salvation have, amongst others, been identified as threats to the corporate existence and survival of the African and other developing countries (Omitola, Akinrinde, Omodunbi, Adegboye, & Adedire, 2021). However, these among other internal social, political, and economic contradictions have diverted required attention away from the neo-colonial system imposed on the global South to ensure continuous exploitation amidst the non-physical colonization of African and other developing countries…


A Research Paper Example- Methodology

Research Methodology is the method of gathering and analyzing data. There are some things you need to do before you start a research project.

You can survey to find out which design is best for you. If you have collected enough data, you can be confident about your results. You can use a variety of tools to collect data. When you are making decisions, you can’t just say it’s true. A balance between accuracy and reliability is needed.


Women entrepreneurship in developing economies: A gender-based growth model

Research methodology

This exploratory study follows an interpretive research paradigm that lends itself to interactionism (Groenland & Dana, 2019; Guba & Lincoln, 1994). By adhering to this qualitative research framework, we construct comprehensive insights into the interplay between the various factors women entrepreneurs in the garment manufacturing industry in Lagos, Nigeria, considered influential to the growth of their businesses…Thus, we anchored our research on existing knowledge to theorize women entrepreneurship in the garment manufacturing industry in Nigeria. 

Sampling method

The data for this study were collected using two sampling techniques: purposeful and snowball sampling. First, we purposefully selected respondents from the researchers’ contacts within the Nigerian garment manufacturing sector… 

Case study strategy

The case study approach we employed enables rich insights (Yin, 2009) into the factors influencing growth in women-owned entreprises. Since the main goal was to develop a new theory representing specific factors influencing business growth among women entrepreneurs in the garment industry in West Africa, we acquired detailed narratives of their experience… 

Data analysis

All the interviews were transcribed into word-processed text and analyzed thematically (Braun & Clarke, 2006; Clarke & Braun, 2013) with the aid of NVivo qualitative data analysis software.   


A Research Paper Example- Results And Discussion Of The Research

This section describes how the study was conducted and why the researchers did this particular study. This should include the methods used to test the hypothesis, the results of the hypothesis testing, and the significance of those results. Finally, it should explain what the study is about, and discuss the implications for the practice and for future research.

Experiment and Results

Two experiments are performed in this study. The first one consists in evaluating short sequences of texts, so the architectures are trained and the gender of the subject is computed based on the average classification scores of all short texts from the same subject. Note that for PAN17 corpus, each tweet is a short text, while for call-center transliterations each conversation is divided into chunks with 60 words, similar to the proposed in. The second experiment consists in evaluating long assessment of texts. 


A Research Paper Example- Conclusion

The end of your paper should include a conclusion summarizing your main ideas and findings and a discussion of future directions. These sections should follow the lines of the introduction and the body paragraphs. Your conclusion should summarize your main ideas and findings clearly and concisely. Then, you should discuss the significance of your results. It mainly has to say what the research has found.


Tourism and the economy: evidence from Brazil Tourism and the economy: evidence from Brazil


This paper analyzes the economic impact of the Tourism Regionalization Program introduced in 2014 in Brazilian municipalities. We nd empirical evidence that the program had positive eects in municipalities belonging to class C compared to similar municipalities in class D in terms of value-added in services, per capita GDP (wealth), and wages in tourism-related activities.

This improvement is caused by the prerogatives and advantages that the PRT assigns to those municipalities in class C but not D. We also show positive eects of the PRT spillover to other economic sectors and improve local human development indices. 


A Research Paper Example- References

There is a list of all the articles you have mentioned in your article in this section. The citations should be formatted in a way that makes sense. The title of the article, the year it was published, the page number, and the journal in which it was published are some of the information that should be included in a citation.  For links, it should include when it was accessed.


http://envfor.nic.in/division/wildlife. Accessed 7 May 2017.

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http://forest.rajasthan.gov.in/content/raj/forest/forest-department/en/home.html. Accessed 17 June 2017.   


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