7 Tips to help you Land your dream Internship

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Getting an Internship opportunity during/after college can boost your resume, grow your experience profile and enhance your opportunity to secure a full time employment.  Most employers prefer applicants with recent and valid experience to inspire their work force; that is while as a recent graduate, if Jobs do not come immediately, it’s important to look for internship opportunities   while still searching for a full time job. In this article, we will share some tips that will help you land your dream internship.

To land your dream internship, It is important to understand your career path and draw up a plan for it. Your plan should include possible organizations, companies, Government agencies, etc., that you wish to work for; the plan should also include the employability skills that will help you to get an internship or a permanent space at the those organization you; It should cover your skill level and how you intend to get the desired skill level; then it should also include how you intend to reach out to the listed organization for internship space after your college.

Here are 7 Tips to help you Land your dream Internship

7 Tips to help you Land your dream Internship

Network and Connect

You need to network and connect. Reach out, make new friends and meet new people already in your career path. Attend seminars, do not be shy, tell people you are looking for an internship opportunity and if they ever hear of one, they should inform you . Sitting back in the comfort of your house won’t help. Venture outside, meet the right people, make the right friends. Learn the art of maneuvering.

Create an Impressive LinkedIn Profile

LinkedIn is the world’s leading professional social media platform. This is a good place to engage with organizations if you are looking for Internship or full time job. You need to create a LinkedIn account if you don’t have one or update it to match your recent skills set. Include short descriptions about your past experiences, your strengths, talents and the impact you can create to an organization if hired. Potential employers run through social media accounts especially LinkedIn to scout for new talent

Submit an Outstanding application

While writing your application letters, pay attention to detail. Remember, you are not the only one seeking that internship opportunity. Try to make it clear, engaging and straight to the point. Use specific keywords hiring managers are looking for. Include your CV with relevant information, your school records , recommendation letters and showcase you can be a brand ambassador. Learn to be brief and always use different application letters for different firms.

Learn New and Relevant skills

The job market is changing at a pace faster than we imagined. Technology is quickly being adopted and if you choose to remain old fashioned, you get no chance in the new world. You need an internship right? Go learn new skills. When I applied for my first internship as a procurement and logistics officer in a bread manufacturing company, I was lucky enough to be picked. And then, my lack turned into a nightmare. The company handed over to me a Land Rover I was to use in my job since it involves a lot of moving in the region. I had never sat behind the wheel, I had to learn to drive over the weekend, fortunately I did. There are some skills you must acquire if want to land your dream internship; these include: Driving, Negotiation, Computer skills, Artificial Intelligence, Security management, Work ethics, People Management,  time management, persuasion, etc.,

Follow Up

Most employers tend to be so preoccupied and may forget to return a call or email after going through your application letter; so there is need for a follow up. Following up gives you the opportunity to know the status of the status of your application letter.

You can follow up by sending an email or a text message to the Human Resource manager. Be polite in it and request feedback. Be brief too.

Apply, Apply, Apply

How do you get something you do not look for? You do not. To land your dream internship, apply. Apply whenever there are opportunities advertised. It does not always have to be with the dream company you wish to work for, but any that suits your ability and career. Apply daily. There are so many places you can see adverts for internships. From newspapers, posters, magazines, LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook and WhatsApp and other Websites that advertise job and internship opportunities.

Build relationships with target employees

You need to start building relationships with your target employees. Remember someone coined a cliché that “Your company defines you.”

So, hang around with people who can get you to those internship opportunities. Make friends, find ways to get close to those managers. Don’t be shy. Be proud of who you are. Show the desire of wanting to practice your career wholeheartedly.


Believe me, you can land your dream internship. Whether it is in an  Electricity production company, in a school, in the government, law courts, or wherever. You can and you will.

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