10 High Paying IT jobs You can do from Home

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 As technology’s usefulness grows, Information Technology(IT) has been given the highest advantage. IT is considered one of the In-demand skills needed in this century and the good thing is; that it is high paying as well. There are hundreds of high paying IT jobs one can engage in and earn money without leaving their homes. This article intends to share some of them with you.

What is Information Technology?

IT is the study of the use of systems(computers and telecommunications) and the application of this knowledge to collect, store and send subsequent data as information through the use of hardware and software services.

Where technology is a scientific tool, IT is the subsequent product or service that obtains value from technology’s data.

Starting a career in IT is quite easy, but to begin you must have a degree in Computer Science, Engineering or certification in an IT-related course(s)

Now, here are some of the high paying IT jobs you can do from your home.

High Paying IT Jobs you can do from home

Web Design and Development

Web development is one of the high paying IT jobs of this age. There are millions of websites on the world wide web and more are being built every day. A web developer is responsible for building websites and applications and also responsible for the management of the navigation, graphics, and content feature of a website. You can conveniently do this from your home and earn lots of money.

User Experience Designer

A user experience designer can work in a business industry. His duties include product development, collecting and reviewing user feedback and also managing products efficiency. This is also a high paying IT job.

Database administrator

With an average annual salary of $98,860, working as a database administrator is a high paying IT job you should consider.

You would be required to use specialized software to organize and track data, solve IT issues relevant to data infrastructure and keep data safe and secure.

With a degree in Computer sciences and certifications in IT relevant courses, you would be equipped for the role.

Computer Scientist

A computer scientist applies technical knowledge to solve IT problems. You will be required to write new software and manage the network efficiently. A computer scientist earns an average salary of $108,000 yearly.

IT Consultancy

IT consulting is one of the best high paying IT jobs you can venture into. All it takes to earn money here is acquiring a professional knowledge of IT and having a significant work experience with credible results. There are a lot of industries that are willing to pay for your services, you can work as a service contractor too.

Data Scientist

The average salary of a data scientist in a year is about $102,000, this makes it one of the high-paying work-from-home IT jobs.

Your job as a data scientist will be to collect and organise data to meet your industry’s work objectives, this can be achieved with the use of machine learning(HTML, CSS etc.,) and statistical tools.

IT Support Specialist

One of the high paying IT jobs this 2022, is IT Support Specialist.  The IT support specialist job role ranges from solving computer network issues to hardware problems. They provide IT support to a company’s work structure and technical support to enhance user experience.

Many industries even include providing Software as a service support(SaaS) as a job role to their hired IT Support Specialist.

Systems Analyst

As a Systems analyst, you will be reviewing designs and using your IT knowledge to solve problems in the industry you work for. Systems analysts are predicted to earn about $85,000 yearly.

Network Engineer

A career in Network engineering is profitable.  The Network engineer oversees the day-to-day maintenance of the company’s network and also promotes its accessibility to employees. The average salary is $ 89,326.

IT Security Specialist

The average salary earned per year by an IT security Specialist is about $75,000. Duties associated with the job include; building digital protective measures, measuring data and intellectual property, creating contingency plans to ward off hackers and maintaining a company’s IT personality. An  IT Security Specialist can work in any industry, this provides a variety of job options that makes it a high paying IT job even you can do from home.

Other high paying IT jobs you can do from home include; IT Technician, Computer programming, Software engineering, Quality Assurance manager, IT director, IT project manager and others.




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