Top 10 Tech Companies for Internship In Nigeria

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An internship is a perfect opportunity to learn more about a discipline of study away from conventional classroom teachings. During the duration of the Internship, the interns are expected to have a taste of what it feels like to work in their field of study although temporarily, this course framework allows the students to have a better understanding of what the course is really about as experience is often the best tutor. Well, many interns look forward to this opportunity because of the perks involved(monetary, time benefit and rewards), but what happens when these expectations are not satisfied? In this article, you will discover the top tech companies available for internships in Nigeria, you can bet on having an exciting experience.

Top 10 Tech Companies for Internship In Nigeria

Many companies offer rewards to interns aimed at creating a fun and memorable experience,  while some do not. Therefore you need to ensure as an aspiring intern that you are placed in the right environment that would meet your needs.. Here are some top tech companies for Internship In Nigeria


PayStack is a fintech company located in Nigeria and founded in 2015 by partners- Shola Akinlade and Ezra Olubi. PayStack aims to provide payment solutions for businesses through the fastest and simplest way possible.

Paystack has several areas of operations suitable for every kind of intern and although it has been recently acquired by STRIPE an Irish-American financial service, do not worry getting a positive learning environment with most of your needs catered for is guaranteed.


Regarded as a leading digital payment platform, Interswitch is one of the tech companies in Nigeria available for internship opportunities.

Interswitch is headquartered in Lagos, and at Interswitch you will learn everything there is to know about integrated digital payment, technology integration, financial inclusion, advisory support and payment infrastructure.


Andela is a job placement company focused on connecting Tech workers and developers with job listings available in leading global companies.  that suit Andela was founded in May 2014, in New York (which is its head office)  and has expanded 37 countries in the world including Nigeria-which is the company’s African headquarters.

If you are a software enthusiast you will find Andela to be the right tool you need to kickstart a tech career as Andela also offers free coding boot camps, there is also the huge financial compensation the company offers to its interns which amounts to 360,000 naira yearly(Glassdoor). Registration is currently ongoing for the next batch of Andela Interns, Click here to join.


Top African payment technology company-Flutterwave, is also one of the tech companies in Nigeria that accommodates interns. The Flutterwave internship programme is one of the ways Flutterwave intends to foster technology awareness amongst graduates. Of course, flutterwave pays monthly stipends to its interns and also offers quality field experience during its 10-12 weeks internship duration.

Flutterwave was founded in 2016, Nigeria and San Francisco are the company’s headquarters.


Known to be the single largest job placement website in Sub-saharan Africa, Jobberman is the next top tech company available for internship in Nigeria.

Jobberman was founded in 2009, it has over 2.5 million registered users and partnerships with top African companies. As an intern at Jobberman, you will learn more about digital marketing, product experience, customer management and a variety of other tech skills.


Microsoft is a great place for career development and yes, it is physically present in Nigeria too. Microsoft Nigeria is located at Victoria Island, Lagos and trust me it is one of the top workspaces in the country.

Microsoft offers its employees premium benefits, and interns are treated specially too.  There are free healthcare, job connection opportunities, networking, and product discounts which are just a few of the several benefits enjoyed by the Microsoft team.


Oracle is a reputable software business service headquartered in Texas but like many of its counterparts, it has evolved to several countries globally including Nigeria.

Oracle offers an internship programme and the core objectives are to provide practical training, enhance skills development,  and build professional connections/networking. Oracle interns also received free lunches throughout their internship as well as monthly stipends.

Oracle’s Nigerian branch is located at Ikoyi, Lagos.


This list of top tech companies in Nigeria available for internship would be incomplete without Google. Google is a multinational technology company whose services are focused on e-commerce, quantum computing, artificial intelligence, cloud computing, consumer electronics, online advertising and Search engine technology.   Google was founded in  1988 and it has hundreds of offices around the world including Nigeria of which it is one of the greatest tech firms present.

Google internship is available for Nigerian undergraduate students who aim to have a quality on-the-job training experience.

Schneider Electric

Schneider Electric is a French digital automation and energy management company that specializes in the production of electrical equipment and digital products.

The Schneider Electric internship programme aims to create awareness and develop careers in technology, and energy.


Established in 1991, SystemSpecs is a Nigerian fintech service focused on offering qualitative financial software solutions and human capital management.  SystemSpecs is the developer of Remita- a trusted payment channel for businesses and individuals.  As a SystemSpecs intern, you are sure to acquire the quality tech knowledge you need.

Final Thoughts on Tech Companies for Internship In Nigeria

There several other good Tech Companies in Nigeria that offers internship opportunities, some maybe unpaid, but you will have the opportunity to have on the hand experience which is very valuable in your tech journey

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