Apply Now: The OECD Internship Programme 2024 for Bachelor, Masters and Ph.D

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Are you a student with a passion for international cooperation and policy analysis? The OECD Internship Programme offers you the chance to immerse yourself in an enriching environment where you can develop your skills and contribute to impactful projects. Let’s dive into the details and discover how you can be part of this exciting opportunity!

The OECD Internship Programme

The OECD Internship Programme provides highly qualified and motivated students with the opportunity to work on projects aligned with the Organisation’s Strategic Orientations. Established to support the corporate functions of the Organisation and the Secretary-General’s objectives, this programme serves as a gateway for emerging talents to contribute to the OECD’s mission of promoting economic growth, employment, and well-being worldwide.

The Internship Programme is open on an ongoing basis. Students enrolled in a fully accredited degree programme (Bachelor, Master, PhD) during the entire duration of their internship can apply online. Selected interns are on-boarded both remotely and in hybrid form until further notice.

Who Can Apply?

  • Enrolled in a full-time degree programme related to the OECD’s work, such as economics, international relations, public policy, or environmental studies.
  • Available for a minimum duration of one month, although longer internships are encouraged.
  • Proficient in English or French, with working knowledge of the other language preferred. Fluency in additional languages used at the OECD is advantageous.
  • Skilled in quantitative analysis and IT, with experience in statistical software and data visualization tools.
  • Strong communication and drafting abilities, including the ability to synthesise complex information into concise reports and presentations.
  • Comfortable working in a multicultural environment, with a collaborative and adaptable mindset.

Why Apply for the OECD Internship Programme?

Interns at the OECD have the opportunity to:

  • Gain hands-on experience in policy analysis, research, and project management.
  • Collaborate with experienced professionals on cutting-edge initiatives and contribute to impactful outcomes.
  • Participate in training sessions, workshops, and seminars to enhance their skills and knowledge.
  • Network with professionals from diverse backgrounds and build relationships that can support future career opportunities.
  • Gain exposure to the inner workings of an international organisation and develop a deeper understanding of global challenges and opportunities.

How to Apply

  1. Check your eligibility using the interactive tester on the OECD website (click here).
  2. Submit your application online through the OECD’s application platform, ensuring that you provide all required documents and information.
  3. Specify your availability and preferred start date, as well as any specific areas of interest or expertise you wish to explore during your internship.
  4. Keep an eye out for updates on your application status, and be prepared to respond promptly to any requests for additional information or interviews.
  5. If unsuccessful, don’t be discouraged; reapply during the next vacancy publication in March or September and continue to pursue your passion for making a difference on the global stage.

Internship Areas

Interns at the OECD have the opportunity to contribute to projects in a wide range of areas, including:

  • Artificial Intelligence and Emerging Technologies
  • Climate Change and Environmental Sustainability
  • Education and Skills Development
  • Financial Markets and Economic Policy
  • Gender Equality and Diversity
  • Health and Social Policy
  • Regulatory Reform and Governance
  • Taxation and Fiscal Policy
  • Trade and Investment

Corporate Functions

In addition to policy-related roles, internships are also available in various corporate functions, including:

  • Audit and Evaluation
  • Communications and Public Affairs
  • Finance and Budgeting
  • Human Resources and Talent Management
  • Information Technology and Digital Transformation
  • Legal Affairs and Intellectual Property
  • Translation and Linguistic Services

What You’ll Do

As an intern, you’ll be involved in a range of activities, including:

  • Conducting research and data analysis to support policy development and decision-making.
  • Drafting reports, briefs, and presentations for internal and external audiences.
  • Participating in meetings, workshops, and conferences to exchange ideas and share insights.
  • Liaising with colleagues and stakeholders to gather input and feedback on projects and initiatives.
  • Contributing to the planning, coordination, and execution of events and outreach activities.
  • Assisting with administrative tasks and logistical arrangements as needed to support the smooth operation of the internship programme.

Don’t Miss Out: Apply Today!

Join the OECD Internship Programme and embark on a journey of learning, growth, and impact. Visit the OECD website to learn more about the application process and start your journey towards becoming a global policy leader!

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