Requirements To Study Law at University of Lagos, Nigeria

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Law as a career is a noble profession established on honor and integrity. It is also one of the professions that offer the opportunity of attaining a respectable status in society, this reason has made law one of the most popular academic disciplines sought after for study by thousands of Nigerian students. In this article, you will learn about the requirements to study law at University of Lagos, Nigeria and the basic things you need to do to gain admission into the University of Lagos (UNILAG) law faculty.

Benefits of Studying Law

Several benefits can be enjoyed by studying law. Some of the advantages of studying law are;

  • Variety of Career Options

The law itself can be applied in a wide range of careers including media, social work, politics etc because it forms the basics of these courses. Therefore, if you study law, you can conveniently blend in with this career from the knowledge gained.

  • Personal growth and skills development

Law is embedded in several skill sets. The knowledge and skills gained by studying law help in projecting individual capabilities. Personal skills that can be obtained from studying law include; critical thinking, confidence, analytical thinking, problem-solving, reasoning skills

  • Power to make a difference

Law is one discipline that creates awareness of the rights and responsibilities of mankind even in the light of authority. Studying law will equip you with the leverage and moral compass to ensure that justice is carried out in all situations. It can also help in self-defense as you will learn your rights and privileges.

  • Other benefits of studying law are; respectable status and prestige, as a course it can be combined with other academic studies, financial security etc.

About UNILAG Faculty of Law

Founded in 1962, The University of Lagos faculty of law is one of the several faculties present in the University of Lagos-one of the best and top-ranking tertiary institutions in Nigeria.

This faculty which has existed for several decades is an accredited faculty well-known for providing quality and research-oriented education, it has also been home to hundreds of legal luminaries who have gone further to make gigantic strides in their law careers. Some of the famous lawyers whose roots are traced to this renowned faculty include; Dr Taslim Elias ( who was the judge and president of the international court of Justice), and Dr Yemi Osinbajo – the current Vice President of Nigeria.

Requirements to study Law at University of Lagos

Listed below are the basic requirements to study law in University of Lagos for both post UTME and direct-entry students.

Post UTME requirements

To study law in UNILAG through the UTME process, applicants are required to ;

  • Have 5 credit passes in 5 subjects including English and mathematics during the mandatory O’levels examination(Waec, Neco), and at not more than 1 sitting of the examination.
  • Individuals applying to study law in Unilag must apply through the recognized application portal(jamb etc) and must choose the correct subject combination required. English, Mathematics, literature in English, Government, and Commerce or Economics is the required subject combination.
  • Individuals applying must ensure that Unilag is their 1st choice whilst applying
  • At the time of the application, the intending individual must be 16 years and above to be considered eligible
  • Applicants who wish to study law in Unilag must meet the 180 required cut-off mark for the UTME process and must also participate and successfully pass the post-time process.

Direct-Entry Requirements

Individuals applying to study law in Unilag through this process must endeavour to;

  • Have 5 credit passes in the required O’level courses
  • Purchase the law direct entry form through the recognised portal and complete the registration process.
  • Applicants must participate in the mandatory screening exercise and must have attained the following grades-1st class, 2nd class and upper credits in law-related disciplines.

How to gain admission to study law at UNILAG

Besides applying and fulfilling the basic requirements to study law at University of Lagos (UNILAG), students aspiring to study law must ensure that they are selected to study law. This implies that applicants must get their application accepted to be admitted to study law at UNILAG.

Below are a few tips that you can use to ensure you get selected:

  • Attain a 270 and above cutoff mark in both UTME and Post-UTME

This is important because law is a very competitive course, also every year thousands of students apply to study law at UNILAG but only a few hundred who are considered the best are usually selected. Attaining a 270 and above score would go a long way in proving your worth.

  • Also, ensure to have higher grades in your O’levels examination and one sitting, this would place you at a higher advantage.

Final Thoughts on the Requirements To Study Law at University of Lagos, Nigeria

Studying law at UNILAG is going to be one of the best decisions you’ve ever made as a student, as you will/have realized. However, you must brace up for the intellectual challenge it holds because it is equally a highly competitive academic discipline. To scale and finish the law academic journey, students are usually required to apply their best efforts at all times.


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