How To Create A YouTube Channel For Business

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YouTube ranks second on the list of the top most visited websites in the world, it is also one of the most popular websites visited in the 20’s century.

Created in 2005, YouTube offers a great opportunity for marketing your business to make money. In this article, you will learn how to create a YouTube channel for business and how to get your channel to rank top of YouTube searches and get the right audience your business needs.

How To Create A YouTube Channel For Business

What is YouTube?

YouTube is an  online subsidiary video-sharing platform that was launched in 2005 by founders Jawed Karim, Steve Chan, and Chard Hurley. It is also a social media platform that is considered amongst the best for brand marketing and business advertising.

How does YouTube work?

YouTube works by allowing users to search for and watch videos, comment, share, and like videos, create videos, upload videos, subscribe and follow channels /users, as well as create playlists to organize and ground videos into categories.

Behind the scene, YouTube works by presenting viewers with the right videos they need and by enticing them to not stop watching videos. YouTube achieved this through the use of its algorithm(a set of rules) that selects videos for viewers based on personalization( their history and preference), video performance(success), and the type of audience. Do not worry in this article you will also discover how to use the YouTube algorithm to your channel’s advantage.

Benefits of Creating a YouTube Channel for business

Creating a YouTube Channel for your business is going to give your business lots of benefits and advantages over businesses that do not exist on YouTube.

Some of these benefits are:

Increase your brand visibility on Search Engine

Constantly posting contents on your YouTube channel will improve your ranking in Google searches and other search engine, which means more visibility for your brand.

Offer a large audience for  your business

More than 30 million visitors watch videos on YouTube every day with around 6 billion hours of videos watched every month. Also, YouTube is used in more than 88 countries and has about 76 languages, a number that is still growing. Creating a YouTube channel for business will expose your business to this YouTube vast audience and I tell you your business will always get customers because of its varied audience.

Acquire the Audience your Business Needs

With a YouTube channel for business, you will most likely get the right audience interested in your business. This is because you are going to pop up in search results people intentionally inputted via the “Search” button. This further makes it easier for you to employ strategies you need to capture their attention and convert them to your business customers.

Increases Business Sales

Did I mention that videos are easier to watch and understand, unlike text? A YouTube channel for your business will help you connect with your audience because videos can evoke emotion. If you are looking out to increase your business sales and promote your business you should create a YouTube channel for your business, but please do not forget to include a clear CTA(call to action) in your videos.

Other benefits of creating a YouTube channel for business include;

YouTube is easy to use, it is easy to share content, create videos and save them plus it is a good source of earning revenue for people who are into social media influencing.

How to create a YouTube channel for business

Create a Google account

If you do not have a google business account then you would need to create one before you can create that YouTube channel for your business

Create your YouTube channel

  • After creating your Google Business Account , proceed to create a YouTube channel or brand account.
  • To create a YouTube brand account, log in to your Google business account on your smart device, navigate to the YouTube app, log in on click on the “YouTube account” icon.
  • On the YouTube account page, tap on “Create a channel” and input the name of your business account.
  • Also, complete the required fields to set up your YouTube brand account.

Customize YouTube channel

Customizing your YouTube channel for business purposes will help build your brand personality and ensure your channel discovery by the audience.

Here, tap on ” Customize channel” and input the right information in the three tabs that will be displayed( Branding, Layout, and Basic Info).

When filling out information to set up your YouTube channel, consider using descriptive keywords that will help your channel appear in searches.

Upload your YouTube Video/videos

Uploading videos on your YouTube channel means that you are ready for your business to connect with the world.

Clicking on the “Create” button will get you there but remember that your videos must give viewers what they want and try to make them attractive to the audience.

Promote your YouTube channel

Promoting your YouTube business channel is a great way of making your business discovered on YouTube and also getting views. Optimizing your video titles and your channel descriptions will place your YouTube channel at an advantage.

How to get your YouTube channel for business near the top of searches

YouTube works by providing the right videos for a viewer’s search. Therefore to get your YouTube channel for business at the top of searches you would have to understand how the YouTube algorithm works

Use the right Keyword

Keyword is what is used by search engines to determine what content is about. To affirm what your content(video) is about you must ensure that certain words are repeated at different intervals in your video. Ensure to use the right phrase that better describes what your video is about.

Build your video performance

Another way you can get your YouTube channel ranked at the top of searches is by creating unique videos and grooming them for success. YouTube displays videos based on the watch time by viewers, click-through rate, like and comments, etc. This means that you will have to make sure your video appeals to its viewers and entices them to perform any of these tasks.

Creating videos that address the viewers’ needs, using appealing titles, engaging viewers’ comments, and attracting traffic from other social media platforms can help you in this endeavor.

Final Thought

Besides YouTube being used by individuals as a social media influencing platform, YouTube provides an incredible way of improving brand positioning and communicating messages. When you consider the several benefits YouTube offers, you will realize that every modern business should include it as part of its digital marketing strategy.






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