How To Become A Knight Hennessy Scholars in 2022

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Knight Hennessy Scholars is a fully-funded scholarship program by a private University in California — popularly known as Stanford University. It’s a fully-funded scholarship program designed for international students. Also, globally, it’s among the top scholarship programs any student seeking international scholarship could be reasonable to participate in.

So long as you aim to become one of the prominent future leaders in your society, this program is highly recommended. It’s a program that has invited(and is still inviting) many people from all geographical boundaries of the world. Of course, you know what that means(high tendencies to meeting like-minds).

If accepted into this program, you get to learn about multidisciplinary education, how you can achieve a goal from a global perspective, and the zeal to have a successful leadership tenor anywhere you find yourself after the program.

As stated earlier that it’s one of the top scholarship programs in the world — in 2019, QS World University Rankings ranks the Knight-Hennessy Scholars program as No.2 in the world. Surprisingly, Stanford University is still maintaining that position.

Benefits Of KHS Program

You stand to benefit these when you are accepted into the scholarship program:

  • Full funding— provided it does not exceed the period of the course of studies announced by the University. In cases where you are going for a program that may hold beyond the stipulated period, don’t worry, you’re also covered. You may reach out to your Stanford home department, and they will fund the rest according to as prescribed by the school.
  • Stanford covers any of your trips (to and fro) at the end of each academic year — that is, annually until you complete your program.
  • The institute covers every aspect of your academic needs, such as accommodation, study books, academic supplements, instructional materials needed in some specific course, transport fares within the state, and any other personal incurring expenses you may think of.

Miscellaneous: even if your needs do not fall under the above. You still have the opportunity to apply for extra funding on the needs — in as much as it’s an academic one — like a conference trip, etc.


  • Following this program, Stanford University will not be responsible for some costs of subscription and lab equipment every candidate’s home department covers for its students at Stanford.

How To Become A Knight Hennessy Scholars in 2022

Here, we will discuss the criteria you need to be qualified for this wonderful scholars program. And that is how you can become a part of this. If you don’t possess them, you’ll not be accepted.

First, since you’re applying for 2022, you must be sure that you’ve graduated with your Bachelor’s degree before January 2015 or close to the said date.

Are you worried about your country of origin? You don’t have to. The Knight Hennessy Scholars Program accepts candidates from any part of the world.

While other important ones follow:

Step 1: You must be an English speaking individual — either a native speaker or your second language. Any is fine.

Step 2: Anyone willing to apply for this program must be very smart in thinking, knowledge-seeking and be prone to gathering new experiences as the day breaks. It would help if you are full of unique ideas; if not, try to. A great sense of humour and is ready to welcome everyone’s opinion — as an aspiring leader of tomorrow.

Step 3: You have some applications to complete. Aside from that, there are also standardized tests you’ll need to sit for depending on your graduate program, such as the Graduate Management Admission Test(GMAT), Graduate Record Examination(GRE), Law School Admission Test(LSAT), Medical College Admission Test(MCAT), and sometimes an English proficiency exam.

Step 4: Be ambitious. Being ambitious in the sense that you must be ready to improve yourself as time demands, and also a calculative plus a fearless risk-taker. As an aspiring leader, you ought to possess the ability to recover from any difficulty that may try to weigh you down on your journey. And also a good exhibition of humility and kindness.


In closing, that’s basically everything you need to become a Knight Hennessy Scholar.

Moreover, improving your fluency in the English language is a huge plus and would serve as an edge over other students. Fluency, meaning, but not limited to good listening skills, reading, ability to write in good spelling format, even though intonation may differ, you must be able to speak fluently.

For most programs, your TOEFL score may be 100iBT or 600PBT. IELTS and PTE are also accepted. If you want to know more about scores, click here(

To register for the Knight Hennessy Scholars program, visit Stanford official website.

Thanks for reading, and happy applying! Best of luck!

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