APPLY NOW: Research Methods Program 2023 for Young Africans

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About the Research Methods Program

The Research Methods Program is the flagship program of the Leaders of Africa Institute. To date, we have welcomed over 300 Scholars and Fellows over the course of five years. The Research Methods Program offers personalized mentorship, rigor and advanced methodological skills, and a supportive international research community. The program is open to all fields from public health to social science and is in a live virtual format accessible anywhere. We invite you to learn about the program and our Scholars and consider whether this just might be the opportunity to further your research career and answer the call to address some of the most pressing health, political, economic, social, and development questions. Our international and multidisciplinary research community stands ready to support each other and lead.

Features of the Program

Opportunities to Learn Advanced Methods and Tools

The Research Methods Program provides cutting-edge training in research methods, including qualitative and quantitative data gathering and analysis. We encourage feasible community-based research designs that allow the researcher to work with one’s community to facilitate evidence gathering. This approach lowers the barriers to extensive research and democratizes scholarship. We cover (1) crafting research questions and framing research, (2) mixed-methods research designs, including qualitative fieldwork methods and quantitative frameworks, (3) case study and observation selection techniques, (4) data analysis and visualization in R and Python statistical software, (5) survey design and implementation, (6) the use and analysis of major public opinion survey data, including the Afro-barometer, (7) writing for publication, and (8) design thinking for social impact

An Emphasis on Your Research

At the beginning of the program, you propose a research agenda and pursue it over the course of the program. You will gather original data and use advanced tools for analysis. The purpose is to craft one analytical blog post, a rigorous publication, and an impact project that will engage the broader public in your research. The Research Methods Program puts an emphasis on translating research into social impact and sustainable ventures. Select projects will receive additional support in the Institute’s Research Accelerator.

Mentorship and One-On-One Support

The program offers career-long mentoring and a personalized relationship with instructors. The program also offers a framework for international networking and building research relationships that span the globe.

Access to all of Leaders of Africa Institute and Leaders of Africa’s technical expertise and resources

Conducting impactful research requires substantial technical and outreach support. The LoA Research & Innovation Lab, Media Lab, and Tech Lab provide support to you to help your research and impact project be successful.

Top-Level Preparation for Obtaining Grants and Pursuing Ph.D. and Master’s Level Studies at the Best Programs

The Research Methods Program is taught at the Master’s, PhD, and Post-PhD level, with many Scholars using the program to supplement ongoing graduate work or as a stepping stone for advanced studies. The program also supports faculty with research and offers support for career advancement. Scholars have received opportunities and contracts related to their research methods training. Our faculty support Scholars with finding opportunities.

Attachments, Collaboration, and Research Accelerator

In select cases, Research Methods Scholars have the opportunity to participate in research collaborations and projects with major international institutions through the Institute’s Research Exchange. There are also opportunities to participate in the Institute’s Research Accelerator, which provides support for research projects with a high likelihood of delivering social impact.

Important Dates & Info

Applications Open: February 20, 2023

Applications Close: April 10, 2023

Program Dates: April 2023 – August 2023 with Continuing Mentorship through April 2024

Program Format:

Live Virtual Cloud Classroom (~3 hours per week) for four months that include three separate courses:

Research Design

Advanced Quantitative Methods

Survey Research, Advanced Techniques, and Design Thinking

The program also involves personal meetings with professors and an advanced methods workshop series.

How to Apply for Research Methods Program 2023 for Young Africans

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