APPLY NOW: 2022 Cornerstone Ambassador Program

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About the 2022 Cornerstone Ambassador Program

Cornerstone is an infrastructure layer that functions as both an ecosystem index fund and a metagovernance hub of NEAR, Aurora and Octopus Network. The introduction of Ambassador Program is aimed at bringing all like-minded believers together to help us build. By joining the program, you will also get the chance to meet the NEAR core contributors, help our users learn about the benefits of meta-governance, and receive exclusive perks and rewards!

Benefits of the Cornerstone Ambassador

  • Be Part of the Cornerstone Extended Team. Be part of a larger community of DAO and web3 enthusiasts and become a key contributor to the greater NEAR Ecosystem.
  • Earn Rewards. Receive tokens for completing specific tasks. In addition, every quarter we’ll announce the top 3 Ambassadors worldwide, and if you’re one of them, you’ll earn even more rewards!
  • Network Opportunities and Mentoring. Work closely with our team and NEAR core contributors. Get training and mentoring opportunities with leaders in the blockchain space.

Who’s Eligible to Become a Cornerstone Ambassador

You’re a highly motivated individual, blockchain enthusiast, a leader, or an influence.

  • You’re passionate about Web3 and care about governance.
  • You are an existing community leader and have the capability to promote Cornerstone within your group.
  • You are a marketer and content creator. You love building content and have out-of-the-box ideas.
  • You are a student interested in blockchain, and you want to gain hands-on knowledge of crypto markets and the blockchain space.
  • Even if you are not crypto-savvy, you can still become a Cornerstone Ambassador. Apply and share with us more details on why you care about Cornerstone.

What is expected?

  • Promote Cornerstone through online meetups and AMAs.
  • Create compelling content. As the Cornerstone community grows, we’ll have a need for blog posts, documents, and other content translated into a number of languages.
  • Amplify Cornerstone Events and Announcements.
  • Bring new people to the Cornerstone Community.
  • Complete one-off tasks like blog post writing, create cool swag and virtual stickers.
  • Run office hours as well as events in Discord to provide support to the community.
  • Collaborate with local groups, foundations, startup incubators and university groups to co-host event

How To Apply for Cornerstone Ambassador Program

Interested Applicants are Complete the application form HERE

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