Apply for International Labour Organization innovation program on Promoting Youth Participation and Skills for a Just Transition, Up to USD 50,000 per successful participants

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About the International Labour Organization innovation program

The Islamic Development Bank (IsDB) and the International Labour Organization (ILO) invite youth-led organizations, networks or coalitions to propose new and innovative ideas and solutions to support a just transition towards environmentally sustainable economies and societies for all.

The Islamic Development Bank (IsDB)  and the International Labour Organization (ILO) recognize the leadership that young people have demonstrated in the fight against climate change and their key role in driving climate innovation, including amid the COVID-19 induced jobs crisis. To assist young people in further translating their activism, commitment and creativity into action, the two organizations have designed the “Youth Green Skills Accelerator Challenge Call”, with the overarching goal of promoting youth participation and skills for green jobs for a just transition.

To that end, the IsDB and the ILO invite youth-led organizations, networks or coalitions based in the IsDB – ILO common member States  to propose new and innovative ideas and solutions that equip youths (15-35 years old) living in the IsDB – ILO common member States with the competencies required for supporting a just transition in their communities.

Drawing on the infrastructure and experience of the ILO Skills Innovation Facility , the Youth Green Skills Accelerator Challenge Call is looking for solutions that contribute to one or more of the following target scopes:

  • Upskill or reskill youths for their effective participation in the green policy making processes for a just transition;
  • Ensure peer-to-peer learning on just transitions and strengthen youth coalitions on the subject;
  • Create or improve training programmes to equip youths with the technical and soft skills required for the green transition in a given sector / for a given occupation;
  • Mainstream climate change into existing Technical Vocational Education and Training (TVET) and education curricula and programmes for youths;
  • Improve access to opportunities for green skills acquisition and recognition for marginalised youths;
  • Support green skills trainers and training providers in becoming agents of a just transition for youths; and
  • Translate employment creation, entrepreneurship or business ideas into solutions that accelerate upskilling or reskilling of youths for a just transition in the communities.

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Benefits of the Program

Up to 10 finalists will receive mentoring and training for a period of one week to improve their projects. Following the period, 3 winners will be selected at the online pitch event and receive the following support:

  • Financial support: Top three ideas will be awarded USD 50,000; USD30, 000; and USD 20,000 respectively to implement the proposed solution.
  • Global Visibility: The winning proposal will receive support to raise awareness and support for their ideas and solutions, including an invitation to attend COP 27; where they will present their project; press articles in the media, videos among others
  • Technical support through online innovation lab: Through the boot camp and remote mentoring, the winning proposal will receive technical support to turn, refine, develop, and pilot their ideas.
  • Access to network of Skills Innovators: The winners and shortlisted entries will join ILO skills innovation Network.


Applicants must be any youth-led organizations, networks or coalitions with contractual and registered capacity that has been in existence for at least two calendar years prior to the call deadline. The applicant must be registered in IsDB – ILO common member States .

By organizations, networks or coalitions, we mean government agencies, employers’ and workers’ organizations, cooperatives, education and training institutions (including schools, training providers, and universities), NGOs and civil society organizations, and other educational and research institutions. We accept ideas and solutions at any stage of development. They can be early-stage innovations or at a more advanced stage. They can be ideas to improve, expand and/or promote a solution that is already being implemented. They can be the idea of a single organization or involve a joint collaborative effort of different actors, such as governments, employers’ and workers’ organisations. In case of a teamwork, a project leader should be identified to coordinate the activities and to report to the IsDB and ILO.

Application Timeline and How to Apply?

1st Application round

  1. Review the eligibility criteria for participation in the call, selection criteria for assessments, and the Terms and Conditions applicable to ILO Implementation Agreements specified in this Participants’ Guidelines.
  2. Fill in the Application Form (English ) (Arabic ) and submit by no later than 12 August 2022 (midnight Geneva time).

Before preparing the application form, please -look at the list of Application Questions (English ) (Arabic ). We recommend preparing your application information and answers first using this list, as the online application form does not allow you to save an application before the submission. Also, please prepare a budget estimate using the Budget Template (English ) (Arabic ) and submit it on the Application Form.

Applications can be submitted in English or Arabic. Only the selected applicants for the 2nd application round will be contacted. No fee is required to participate in the Call for Proposals. Late or incomplete applications will not be accepted.

2nd Application round

  • If your proposal is among the top 10 applications submitted, the lead applicant will be requested to submit an extended project proposal.
  • The successful finalists must be available to attend the online mentoring training session (20 October-3 November 2022)and the online final pitch event (7 November 2022).

For more details, please refer to the Participants Guidelines (English ) (Arabic ).

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