15 Tools for Writing Research Project and Thesis

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Writing a research project or thesis may be one of the most difficult things you do during your academic journey. However, in today’s digital world, things are simplified that you need little or no effort to get things done. There are some tools for writing research project and thesis.

As a researcher or a scholar, there are many amazing tools you can utilize to write your research project and thesis with ease rather than working yourself to death. These tools are reliable, they help you organize yourself and manage your time effectively.

Best tools For Writing Research Project And Thesis

The following tools for writing research project and thesis will simplify your thesis and research project experience, it will help you complete your work in no distant time.


Docear is an academic application that helps in literature management. It helps a researcher to search, organize, create, and discover academic literature. It has a friendly user interface you can easily maneuver to organize your writings. Docear enables its users to sort documents into portions. You can sort comments, bookmarks, and highlighted text from PDFs into categories. Docear makes it possible to view several annotations of different documents from different categories at once.

Docear has a recommender system that suggests free, full-text, easy-to-download papers for your information needs. Another interesting feature of Docear is the literature suite concept. This feature incorporates many tools in a sole application—PDF management, reference management, mind mapping, etc. It allows you to use Docear to write your paper and then copy your annotations and reference from your collection into your draft. Interestingly, Docear is free, open-source, and available for Windows, Linux, Mac OS X. It does not require any registration or log in, just download the app and start using it immediately.


It has never been easy to create citations after writing your work, but with BibMe, you can get your citation written in a jiffy. BibMe is a computerized citation creator that can be used to create different types of citations including MLA, APA, etc., BibMe has many amazing features you can utilize when writing your research work.

You can use BibMe to improve sentence structure, punctuation, writing style, and grammar. The application searches for missing citations and also acts as a plagiarism checker. It provides detailed citations and a bibliography of all styles directly to your paper. However, BibMe is free, so you can utilize it to your satisfaction.


MindMup is one of the best tools for writing research projects and thesis. MindMup helps you to think, create numerous presentations and document outlines with mind maps and publish your ideas for public consumption without a fee or store them in cloud where they can be easily retrieved when needed. It enables you to easily convert maps to PDF, PowerPoint, etc. It helps in publishing and sharing maps online. It is very helpful for note-taking, collective planning, and teamwork.

MindMup is embedded with amazing features such as an effective keyboard shortcut to speed up your work, a friendly user interface to help you focus.

iA Writer

Nothing makes one miserable when writing than distractions. Distractions can make a writer lose focus and be less effective. iA Writer was created to solve the problem of distraction while writing. This amazing app helps you concentrate when writing your work.

It is simple and easy to use, it provides a clean and orderly environment that you need to focus and write well. Its shortcut and streamlined settings enable you to think and write fast. Moreover, iA writer is loaded with distinctive features that make writing enjoyable. Its strong interface is designed to eliminate noise, helps you focus, structure, and smooth your writings.

It has a syntax highlighting that helps highlight unnecessary parts of speech and repetition to improve your writing;  style check that helps in surveying your text for redundancy, clichés, and filler words as you write; focus mode that helps you focus on the sentence or paragraph you are working on; advanced markdown to word export that helps you to swiftly your markdown document to MS word.

One beautiful thing about iA writer is that there is no forced subscription fee, microtransactions, or compatibility problems, every tool is owned by you, you can control and use it as it pleases you. It is available for Mac, iOS, Windows, and Android.


LYX is one of the best tools for writing research projects and thesis. It is a document processor that makes your work look great. It comes with amazing features that help you create mathematical content and structured documents. It comes with already well-designed document layouts for your writing pleasure.


As one of the best tools for writing research projects and thesis, Scrivener is used by many researchers and writers to organize notes, concepts, research, and document for quick access and reference when needed. It is a word processing application and a management system for documents, notes, and metadata. It provides everything you require to start writing and it is available for Mac, Windows, and iOS.

Google Docs

Google Docs is good for creating, formatting, storing, and sharing documents online. It comes with features that enable group editing despite your location. It also comes with built-in intelligence that helps you write faster by providing grammar and spelling suggestions.

Google Docs does not function alone, it’s connected to other google apps you would love to use when writing. Moreover, you do not need to worry when you run out of data, you can access Google Docs even when you are offline. Your data in google Docs are very safe as it employs industry-leading security measures including malware protection to ensure safety.

Google Docs is inarguably one of the best tools for writing research project and thesis

Hancom Office

Hancom Office is an office suite that encompasses a word processor, spreadsheet software, presentation software, and PDF editor. It is a productive tool that enables you to stay active and it supports txt, Doc, Docx, Xls, xlsx, ppt, pptx, and pdf.


Etherpad enables you to collaboratively edit documents or write articles with your friend or team members. Instead of constantly going to visit your supervisor, you can easily use this tool from the comfort of your home for online correction of your work.


Mendeley is a great writing tool that helps you prepare your research, collaborate with others online, and find out recent research done by others. Mendeley is embedded with unique features that easily generate bibliographies,  citations, and references. With Mendeley, you can easily work with other researchers online. However, you can use Mendeley across multiple devices.


Habitica is a task management application that users play like games. It has in-game rewards and punishments to encourage you and a powerful social network to motivate you. It is a habit-building and productivity app that enhances growth, healthy living, and happiness while you do your research.

Google Scholar

Google Scholar is a search app that enables you to vastly search for intellectual literature. It is not limited to one discipline, you can search a variety of disciplines you need for your research work

Scientific Journal Finder 

Scientific Journal Finder is a writing tool that can help you access the recent and most related resources in your field of research. 


Grammarly is a reliable online grammar and plagiarism checker that thoroughly filters your work for mistakes. It is one of the best tools for writing research project and thesis 


Spellchecker is a writing tool that scrutinized your writing for misspellings and syntax errors. It is easy to use and offers a 300-day free trial.

That’s all on best tools for writing research projects and thesis, utilize them to get the best out of your research writing experience.



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