15 Best Scholarships To Get A Good Degree Online

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One of the major hindrances to getting a good degree online is the cost. To pursue an online degree, particularly in top universities in the world, you’ll need to pay expensive tuition fees. But, do you know that there are distance learning scholarships for online students, and some are even fully-funded scholarships? Many people don’t! That’s why we’ve compiled a list of 15 best scholarships for online learning.

Here! Check out these 15 best scholarships to get a good degree online: 

15 Best Scholarships To Get A Good Degree Online

  1. Commonwealth Distance Learning Scholarships

This scholarship is sponsored by the UK government, and supports selected distance learning Master’s degree courses in the UK. It’s a fully-funded scholarship open to students from developing countries yearly. If you’re selected for this scholarship, you must remain in your home country and you mustn’t pursue any other qualification for the duration of your award.

  1. Aga Khan Foundation International Scholarship Programme

The Aga Khan Foundation provides a number of scholarships to outstanding students from specific developing countries, who would like to pursue an online postgraduate degree, but lack the financial capacity. The scholarships are offered as 50% grant and 50% loan. You’ll need to pay back the 50% loan within 5 years, starting 6 months after you complete your studies.

  1. Rotary Foundation Global Scholarship Grants for Development

These scholarships are available to students from developing countries,  who want to pursue undergraduate or graduate studies. Scholarships can be provided for one year or for entire degree programs. You’ll need to undertake your studies in an accredited university located in a country where there is a host Rotary club or district. The goal of these scholarships are to enable graduates to contribute to any of the six rotary causes.

  1. Edinburgh Global Distance Learning Scholarships

The University of Edinburgh offers 12 scholarships for online part-time Master’s degree programmes in the university. The scholarships are awarded based on academic merits to students from least developed countries. Your award will cover the full tuition fees for the duration of your programme of study. The application deadline is 1st June of every year.

  1. University of the People Tuition-Free Degrees

You can get an online, accredited degree from an American university by studying a tuition free degree at University of the People. It’s the first non-profit, American-accredited, tuition-free online university. The only fees you’ll need to pay are minimal application and assessment fees, for which scholarships are also available. You’ll be taught by world-renowned professors from top universities like Harvard, Oxford, and NYU in a supportive online learning classroom setting.

  1. Bemidji State University Distance Learning Scholarships

BSU offers 5 distance learning scholarships for students in any of the university’s degree programmes. Every year, applications open in November and close February 1st. The 5 scholarships are:

  • The Niganawenimaanaanig Program Grant; only for American Indian nursing students, up to $2000 per semester
  • The Edward Gersich Distance Education Scholarship for any degree program; $1000
  • The Michael McKinley and the Northern Minnesota Distance Learning Professional Scholarships for business students; $1000 each
  • The Gladys McKinley Distance Learning Scholarship for teaching degrees; $1000
  1. College Raptor Scholarship

You can pursue an online Master’s degree with a scholarship from College Raptor. College Raptor is an online college planning tool aimed at helping students make the best decisions about their college choices. It offers a $2500 scholarship four times a year. To be considered for this scholarship, you must be a US citizen or legal resident, 16 years or older, and submit your essay before the deadline (December 31st).

  1. Columbia Southern University Knight Scholarship

In May, July, September, and December respectively, CSU offers 4 scholarships to prospective students who want to undertake an undergraduate or graduate online degree program. The scholarship covers up to 60 hours of study (about $13,500), and is used for the tuition of the recipient for up to 3 years or until the programme is completed, whichever comes first. One of the eligibility requirements is that you need to be available to begin your study within 90 days of receiving the award.

  1. Unigo – Education Matters Scholarship 

Unigo is an online platform that empowers students to make the best choices for their college education. It offers a $5000 scholarship award to help students pursue a college degree in an accredited American college. You’ve to be a legal US resident, and be 14 years or older to be eligible. You’ll also need to write a 250 word essay on the topic, “What would you say to someone who thinks education doesn’t matter, or that college is a waste of time and money?”

  1. University of Alabama – College of Continuing Studies Scholarship

There are several scholarships available to help you pursue an online Bachelor’s degree, Master’s degree, or PHD at the University of Alabama. You can apply for all the scholarships, using a single application. However, the eligibility requirements for each of the scholarships vary. You need to get an admission into University of Alabama before submitting a scholarship application. Applications are accepted between March and December each year.

  1. University of London – Distance Learning 

The University of London offers scholarships to qualified students who want to pursue a postgraduate certificate, diploma, and/or Master of Laws (LLM) by distance learning. These scholarships are funded by the Canon Collins Educational & Legal Assistance Trust. To be eligible you need to be a national of (or have a refugee status in) one of the following countries: Malawi, South Africa, Zambia, or Zimbabwe.

  1. University of Michigan – Flint – Freeman, Ralph M., and Emmalyn E. Distance Learning Scholarship

The scholarships are available for students who are already undertaking online undergraduate degree courses. To be eligible, you need to have completed 25 credit hours, and have a minimum of 3.5 GPA. The amount offered in the scholarships vary, depending on the student. Every year, applications open between 1st of December and the following 15th of February.

  1. University of Toledo – Transfer Scholarships – UT Achievement Award 

This award is offered to qualified students who are transferring a minimum of 12 credit hours from other universities to the University of Toledo. The amount of scholarship that is given to a student depends on the GPA the student has gotten at the previous university. This could be  $1000 for GPAs from 2.75 to 2.99 or  $4000 for GPAs at or above 3.75. These scholarships can be renewed every year.

  1. Walden University Scholarships 

Every year, Walden University offers several scholarships to qualified students who want to study an online Master’s or PHD at the University. These students must have achieved some form of social impact within their local communities. A total of 20 scholarships (worth $10,000 each) are awarded each year for any online Master’s programme. 20 scholarships for online PHD are also awarded yearly.

  1. Western Illinois University – WIU Foundation’s Scholarship Program

The WIU Foundation’s Scholarship Program (Presidential Scholarship) is one of the most prestigious awards offered by Western Illinois University. It covers the entire cost of tuition for four full academic years. This award is based on academic merit, demonstrated leadership abilities, and community engagement. Deadline for application is 1st December.

Having carefully read this article, you’re now better informed, and can work towards getting a scholarship for your online degree programme. Remember, there’s a scholarship out there for you. All the best!


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