10 Research Project Ideas for Business School students

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My time in the University of Nairobi as a Bachelor of Accountancy – Supply Chain and Logistics option was good. I didn’t stress much about my academics. But when we got to fourth year,  it dawned on us that whatever we were told by those who had left had been true. My Project Supervisor turned down almost all the project  ideas I had picked to research on; and I almost gave up.

On one evening, when the deadline for submitting project research topics was about to close, My supervisor called and lectured me a little bit. “Why are you not thinking?  You need to think,  the business environment  offers several ideas that can make a good topic for research, ” He told me some of them, and warned me not to use those he had mentioned. So, what are the research project Ideas for business school students?

10 research project Ideas for Business School students

Here are some projects Ideas for Business School students that can help you when you are looking for project topic ideas.

1. Company rituals and corporate culture

Company rituals and corporate  culture is a broad field in the business environment. And to you as a business student, it offers an array of topics you can research, discuss and write for your research project. From respect and fairness,  integrity,  team work, communication  and transparency,  results, employee engagement  and growth mindset.

Several companies are built on certain cultures and rituals that they uphold. Write home about the effects of these cultures to the business environment,  to the society and how beneficial they are or the negative impacts they cause. This is a sure topic for you to come up with an adorable research paper.

2. Social Media as a new market

If you want to win, you need to be smart. Students go for the most complicated ideas, do not. Be bright. Be simple. Don’t go digging for sophisticated ideas. Think about social media. The world has become a village. Social media has made it so. Social media has become a better market than open air markets,  supermarkets or shops. Today,  brands encourage their customers to buy online, sit home and await delivery. To write reviews about customer care online, provide testimonials or recommend the brand to friends and family through sharing links. That can’t  be any hard to write about.

3. International trade trends

As a student pursuing a business course,  you can choose to base your research  project on this. I did mention before that the world is not as big as our forefathers once thought it was. The modern man has reduced it into a village. And as people trade online,  buy goods or seek for services overseas, what are the trends coming up from their undertakings?  We are in the midst of a pandemic,  there is a strong recovery in demand due to subsiding restrictions caused by the flu, economic stimulus packages by states to citizens, increase in commodity  prices and so much more.

4. Consumer Behavior Changes in Critical times

What are critical  times?  Guesses?  The times we live in today are critical,  aren’t they. The global COVID-19 pandemic has made times critical; Drought,  destructive rains,  when political temperatures are rising,  terrorism, etc., affect the behavior of human beings.

For your research project, you can choose to talk about this. How these critical moments affect consumer behavior. Do spending increase or fall? How are people affected psychologically?  Their level of preparedness and response,  what changes and what does not?

5. Just in Time technique

The Just in time technique is a technique used by goods or service providers to only prepare and avail their services once there is immediate demand. i.e., you walk into a hotel order for food,  and cooking starts immediately.  This technique is still relatively new in the business sector. You would base your research  paper on it,  research thoroughly with firms and companies that already embrace it, comment on whether it is good for use and should be upheld or not.

6. Family Owned Companies

Students who have used  this idea  for their research project globally can’t fill the smallest room. But see,  it is an idea that remains unexplored. While a student I never thought out for it. Too bad.

Family owned companies are on the rise. You will research and write about how they are managed,  how shares are controlled,  when they can be dissolved. The advantages,  such as increasing unity,  loyalty,  commitment,  stability and decreasing costs of hiring a management team.  The disadvantages  could be,  poor management, family conflicts, succession scandals and favoritism. You can’t fail to fill the pages with catchy content.

7. Black Friday Analysis

People sing about black Fridays,  how they will shop until they need nothing anymore. Black Friday dates back to the 1950s. It began as a post thanksgiving marked by disaster.  It is a day or days when there is so much with giant discounts for the holiday shopping season. What should sellers and buyers pay attention to? How should buyers and sellers respond to the black Friday season? Research.

8. Mergers and acquisitions

Mergers occur when two companies join to conduct business together while acquisitions happen when one entity entirely takes over the other.  For your research paper, write about why mergers and acquisitions  happen,  the challenges and the advantages of merging or acquiring.

9. Trade unions,  Healthy work environment and employee diversity

Employees are a special part of any business organization. Without them,  business isn’t  business. While preparing your research paper. You can write about how trade unions fight for employee rights,  the challenges they face The importance of a healthy work environment, worker motivation, training and diversity.

10. Effective Advertising

A business can’t reach wider or new markets without advertising.  Advertising is a broad topic. Students writing their research paper can have much to write about advertising. What the future of advertising could be,  consumer response to adverts, the advantages and disadvantages.

Final Thoughts

Dear student, your research project is an important  aspect of your academic life.  As a student  pursuing  a business degree, do your best to ensure you add value with your research to the business ecosystem.

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