10 Interesting Computer Science project ideas and Topics

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Computer Science has a fascinating and wide range of specializations. Many college students often get a selection headache when choosing a project topic. In this article, we are going to explore 10 computer science project ideas and topics.

Here are Ten exciting Computer Science project ideas and Topics.

10 Interesting Computer Science project topic ideas and Topics

1. Face mask detection software

Face masks have become a necessity for everybody due to the COVID-19 pandemic and it would not go away anytime soon. So a face mask detector software which can take real-time footage of individuals without face masks can be a useful asset for Public Health research

2. Academic performance Evaluation system

This project idea would be an interesting one to explore. The evaluation system can help to assess students’ general academic performance. It can use a few metrics like Internal assessment scores, External assessment scores, and attendance.

You can apply this project idea in various ways as the evaluation system is not limited to academic performance. The evaluation system is also among the most specific Computer science project topics and ideas.

3. Traffic Prediction tool

This system is also another exciting project topic idea. Machines can learn more complex traffic signals, accidents, and other relevant algorithms. These details can provide insight into possible traffic situations.

The aim of this project idea can include: to provide data on traffic signals, blocks, and accidents. These data can analyzed to deliver results and conclusions based on the Algorithms. Information that this tool provides can be very beneficial to people.

4. Social media influencer predictions

Predicting social media influencers is possible with the right tools and technology. Deep learning machines and intelligent algorithms track the activities of social media influencers. You can create software to identify social media influencers using different metrics. This will be a great asset for Influencer marketing.

5. Creating an e-authentication system

This project idea is aimed at providing provide security to repel account hackers. An Authentication system is a handy tool for protecting sensitive information and access on devices. This system can works on a QR scanning code and One-Time passwords (OTP) to create new layers of protection to your information. An e-authentication system will be very helpful especially with the current level and sophistication of hackers.

6. Computer Vision-Based Mouse

This project topic idea is an interesting one for final year students. The computer vision-based mouse aims at controlling the cursor on your computer without the help of a mouse or keyboard. You can replicate this software by using technologies such as the OpenCV library and the GUI module of Python.

7. Crime Rate Prediction Software

A crime rate prediction system can provide an insight into the crime rate of a particular place. The crime rate prediction system should create patterns from previous data and information. This means that you have to provide the system with files and statistics of crime.

8. Battery Saver Software

The battery saver system is a great project idea for undergraduates. The principle of the battery saver is simple – provide information on the Apps consuming the battery power on the phone.

The system is suitable for Android devices, and the information is gotten from the Android phone. Creating alerts and warnings on battery-consuming Apps on the device would be the primary aim of this project.

9. Plant Disease Detector

A plant detection system that can effectively detect unusual occurrences in plants would be helpful. The increase in plant diseases in rural settlements is an area the detector system can tackle. This project would aim to detect diseases in plants by using deep learning and algorithms.

The plant disease detection system can help biologists and improve food production globally.

10. Face detection Software

The face detection system is not new software today. Face detection software requires XML classifiers that provide facial recognition through real-time video footage. This project topic idea is one of the best for individuals with little experience.

Face detectors are built with an OpenCV library, and they help create top security and protection of important information. Exploring this computer science project topic can expose you to new technologies and create matching XML files.

This software can detect different objects, meaning you can get other project ideas from this technology.

Final thoughts

So, here you have it! Ten Computer Science project ideas and Topics to explore. You can apply these topics to different fields of computer science. Evidence of this fact is the use of the OpenCV library in face detection and Computer vision-based mouse.


The traffic prediction tool and the crime rate prediction tools are also excellent topics you can check out. Your options are limitless, with different ideas from various fields in Computer science.


There are many other project topics you can con from this article. However, the most important thing is getting the requirements and tools to finish the project.

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