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Top Sites to Download Free PDF Books in 2023

Top Sites to Download Free PDF Books in 2023
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The age where books were restricted only to a printed format is long gone, thanks to today’s existence of the internet. It is now possible to download and read books from your favorite authors at any time and anywhere in the world. The internet has a wealth of resources including ebooks and free pdfs in a variety of topics and genres that has been categorized into extensive libraries to serve the educational need of every kind of reader. All you have to do is to acquire a smartphone and a good internet connection to get started on the online reading journey. This article aims to share information on top sites to download free PDF books this 2023.

What is a PDF book?

A PDF book is an electronic book, saved as a pdf file.

PDF is simply Portable Document Format, it is a versatile file format that can be used across a variety of software, hardware and operating system. PDFs allow easy access to the contents of its file. Therefore PDF books can be easily read, annotated and even printed.

Top Sites To Download Free PDF Books in 2023

PDF BooksWorld

PDF BooksWorld is one of the top site to download free pdf books in 2023. It is an online website that contains a variety of digital books available in Epub, Kindle and PDF formats. Its library contains books of several genres that aims towards adding knowledge. PDF BooksWorld also has a friendly interface and an organizational structure that has made it a go-to source for readers who aim to find just what they intend to read despite the library not being too extensive.

You can visit this site at to learn more

Project Gutenberg

I remember beginning my journey with Emily Bronte-Wuthering Heights on this site several years ago. Project Gutenberg is a famous and one of the best sites to download free PDF books in 2023.

It was founded in 1971, and it has the largest and oldest collection of free digital books in plain text, kindle, HTML, and Epub format that aim at giving readers a positive and quality reading experience. Project Gutenberg is great for research and for readers who seek intuitive growth.

Open Library

Open Library is a top site that allows the download of free PDF books from its extensive library which contains millions of free digital resources.

Readers of different demographics, economic classes, and geographic distribution will find the contents of its library fitting for their mental needs. You can search, borrow Ebooks, and also contribute resources to its collection.

Open Library is a convenient option for anyone willing to expand their reading options while still being able to access quality content across genres.


Founded in 2004, is another site that allows the download of free PDFs. ManyBooks has a library that accommodates thousands of free Ebooks cutting across genres including history, war, thriller etc. Classic literature, public domain works and contemporary books can also be found here.


Smashwords is an online publishing platform that doubles as a site for the download of free PDF books. Smashwords has over 40 thousand books that have been well-reviewed and formatted for easy reading. You can download and read books within minutes of site log-in. Yes, reading is fast here all you have to do is to know what you are looking for.


Bookboon is another online site where free PDF books can be downloaded. Bookboon’s focus is the provision of educational information, giving users access to top-notch textbooks on a range of subjects that have been written by reputable industry professionals. Its library is made up of textbooks on business, engineering, IT, and other subjects.

Bookboon is a good reading source for students, instructors, and other professionals who love reading real-world information.

Final Thoughts

The existence of online free PDF books has allowed readers to comfortably acquire knowledge without spending a dime. Websites that allow the download of free PDF books are great educational assets. Because of their overall objective of making the acquisition of knowledge easier, one of the barriers to reading which was the cost of buying printed books has been eliminated. However, to get the best of a PDF book, I would recommend using a PDF reader because it allows the proper viewing of PDF books.

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