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NYSC Mobilization; A Step By Step Guide

NYSC Mobilization; A Step By Step Guide
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NYSC is a compulsory 1-year programme established by the Nigerian government as a means to build patriotic and loyal service in the lives of its youths. It is a must-obeyed clarion call that has been placed on every Nigerian graduate unless in the instance of exemption or exclusion. This article aims to provide information on the NYSC mobilization process-which is the guidelines formulated by NYSC to regulate the process and how to register for NYSC mobilization.

How does NYSC mobilization work?

The NYSC mobilization process is aimed to ensure that only eligible graduates who studied accredited courses in recognized higher institutions participate in the exercise/ The mobilization process generally involves selecting graduates who have successfully met the NYSC criteria for participation to begin their Service year journey; such students are served with NYSC call-up letters upon successful registration.

The NYSC mobilization process is carried out by the NYSC management and other regulatory bodies including NUC (National Universities Commission), NBTE (National Board for Technical Education), CPIs(Corps Producing Institutions), and JAMB of which a prospective NYSC member will be required to meet the criteria of the regulatory and examination bodies before his/her mobilization takes place.

Requirements for NYSC Mobilization

The first and basic requirement involves registration on the NYSC portal of which an email address and a Nigerian telephone/GSM number will be required.

However, you must note that for Nigerian graduates, only those whose names appear on the Senate board-approved list of graduates of their respective institution will be allowed to access the NYSC portal.

Other requirements for NYSC Mobilization are:

Academic Requirements

Please note: Online Printouts and statements of results are not accepted in place of original certificates.

Travel Document Requirement

For more information on NYSC mobilization visit the NYSC portal

How To Register For NYSC

Please note, the NYSC registration process is done online and it is free. Below are the steps prospective Corp members can register for NYSC

Please note: if your registration has been successful and you are considered eligible for NYSC, you will be provided with a call-up letter from NYSC as proof of mobilization.

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