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How to Write Literature Review for your Research Project

How to Write Literature Review for your Research Project
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If you are looking for how to write literature review for your research Project, then this article is for you. Before getting to this stage, I believe you have gotten your topic, and you are ready to start working on your project.

This article will provide an overview that will guide you in writing a good literature review for your research project.

How to Write Literature Review for your Research Project

What is a Literature Review?

A Literature review is the survey of previously published work related to your area of research. It looks at scholarly articles, papers, books and others sources for materials related to your research interest. Thus providing a background for your research; background in the sense that it will gives your readers a broader perspective on how your research fits into your chosen field of study.

Why is it Important?

Part of the questions you should ask yourself before starting your research is the relevancy of the research to your field of study; that is where the Literature review comes in. The Literature review will:

Common Structure of a Literature Review

First, let me point out that the length and structure of Literature review differs depending on the purpose and your research level. But as a rule of thumb, it should contain the following:

Steps in Writing a Literature Review

Here are the main steps on how to write literature review:

Final thought

When you are selecting articles for your review, it is important to prioritize current research article. This is very important in some area like Medical Sciences where most review becomes obsolete with time. But in Social Science, an historical perspective maybe required. It is also important to use only sources that are related to the research problem.

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