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How to Write a Good Thesis Statement; 3 easy Steps

How to Write a Good Thesis Statement; 3 easy Steps
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One of the most important part of your academic journey is thesis writing; a thesis writing is the final stage of a research work which may span over two or more semesters depending on your research project, school or Programme. However this article is not centered on that but on how to write a good thesis statement; a thesis statement here refers to an interpretation of the significance of a subject matter under discussion, or simply put, a statement that summarize your position on a subject under discussion.

How to Write a Good Thesis Statement; 3 easy Steps

What is a thesis statement?

Let say, you are writing an essay on the cause of insecurity in your community, you have listed out some questions that your essay seek to address and you have also listed the possible causes of insecurity in the community, after completing your essay; your readers or listeners will need a short road map to understand your essay. This short roadmap which tells the readers or listeners what to expect from your paper is called a thesis statement. A thesis statement is also a simple sentence that answer the question you raised before starting your write up/presentation.

Example of a Thesis Statement

Types of Thesis Statement

They are majorly 2 types of thesis statement, they include:

Things to note before writing a thesis statement

Step in Writing a good thesis statement

Questions to ask after writing your thesis statement

It is good to have a closing checklist that will guide your final decision when you are reviewing the thesis statement.

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