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Fully-Funded Scholarships For International Students, September 2023

Fully-Funded Scholarships For International Students, September 2023
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Acquiring quality education nowadays is just a dream for many students, especially with the global economic recession. The high tuition fees placed by many institutions of learning on courses offered isn’t helping the case either. Intelligent students who would love to further their education are left with no choice but to kill their mental dreams in these scenarios. However, if you have an insatiable thirst for study and you are ready to take on a learning journey despite not being able to afford it, don’t worry there is a way you can make your educational dream a reality. In this article you will discover the fully-funded scholarships  for international students, yes, you read it right- they are fully funded.

Fully-Funded Scholarships For International Students, September 2023

The African Graduate Fellowship

African Graduate Fellowship is a yearly scholarship organized by the American University, Cairo, Egypt. The scholarship is offered to smart African students who are interested in joining the graduate programs/Master’s degree courses available at the university.

Scholarship benefits cover tuition fees, monthly stipend, health fees, housing allowance and student activities.

Application deadline: 17th October, 2023

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EPOS DAAD Scholarships

The EPOS DAAD scholarship is another Fully-Funded Scholarships For International Students. If you are a student looking for an opportunity to study in Europe, the EPOS DAAD scholarship would be the perfect opportunity. The EPOS DAAD scholarship allows postgraduate, Master’s, Research, and Doctoral degree foreign students to study any course of their choice in any German state or approved university.

Scholarship benefits; monthly stipends, health and personal liability insurance, travel allowance, in certain events- monthly rent payments and allowance for the student accompanying family.

Application Deadline: 30th September, 2024

Singapore International Graduate Award

Referred to as SINGA, the Singapore International Graduate Award is one of the fully funded scholarships available for International Students who wish to study in the Asian Continent.

SINGA partners with several works class technology agencies and universities to offer Doctoral and research training for students.

Scholarship Benefit: Tuition, monthly stipends, travel fees, and welcome to the scholarship allowance which is about S$1,000

Application Deadline: 1st December, 2023

Commonwealth Scholarships

Each year, the United Kingdom in its bid to make a positive impact on talented individuals globally awards scholarships to students to study postgraduate degrees in any recognized UK universities. But you should be aware that the scholarship is meant for students who are from middle-income and low-commonwealth countries(so check for your country’s eligibility).

The Commonwealth offering is a fully-funded scholarship available for international students and it even covers wardrobe allowance and family-care allowance for divorced, widowed and single parents, as well as financial support for students with disabilities.

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Application deadline: 17th October, 2023

Gates Cambridge Scholarships

Microsoft founder Bill Gates through his foundation (the Bill and Melinda Gates )  donation of $210m  to the University of Cambridge in 2000 has made this scholarship opportunity possible. The scholarship is one of the best fully-funded scholarships available for international students and it allows studies of full-time postgraduate courses at the University of Cambridge. This scholarship is awarded to international students with the brightest minds and it incorporates several benefits to ensure the student has a fulfilling educational experience.

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Application deadline: 4th January, 2024

Fulbright Scholarships

The Fulbright Scholarships is a network of several fully-funded scholarships available for international students organised by the United States government. Fulbright scholarships allow Bachelor’s degree and postgraduate studies in all academic fields in any US research institution or university.

Application deadline: Varies with type of scholarship

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Quebec Merit Scholarship

This scholarship program offered by the Quebec government is fully funded and it allows studies and researchers in academic fields like health, arts, humanities, social sciences, natural science and engineering.

Quebec Merit scholarship benefits cover monthly stipends, tuition, and medical insurance.

Application deadline: 30th November,  2023

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