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Call for Application: 2023 Mandela Rhodes Foundation Scholarship for Young Africans

Mandela Rhodes Foundation
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About the 2023 Mandela Rhodes Foundation Scholarship for Young Africans

The Mandela Rhodes Foundation is a unique partnership seeking to close a circle of history for the benefit of current and future generations of Africans. It brings together the 20th century legacy of Leadership and Reconciliation embodied by Nelson Rolihlahla Mandela, and Cecil John Rhodes’s 19th century legacy as it relates specifically to Education and Entrepreneurship.

The overarching mission of The Mandela Rhodes Foundation is to build exceptional leadership capacity in Africa, by providing excellent educational and training opportunities to individual Africans with leadership potential; as well as by creating over time a network of well-rounded leaders of talent, effectiveness and integrity across African society.

The Mandela Rhodes Scholarships are intended as a vehicle for the sustainable and practical expression of the aim to provide exceptional educational opportunities, develop a network of leaders, and thereby help to build leadership capacity in Africa.

The Scholarships programme will seek candidates who identify with the values set out by Mr. Mandela and Mr. Rhodes; as well as demonstrating the characteristics set out separately in the document: The Characteristics Sought in a Mandela Rhodes Scholar.

What follows is an expansion, intended in the first instance to provide clarity for members of the Mandela Rhodes Scholarships Selection Committees, on each of the four ‘legacy categories’ to which the Mandela Rhodes Scholarships programme is intended to give practical expression.


Am I eligible?

Benefits of the Mandela Rhodes Foundation Scholarship

The benefits attached to Mandela Rhodes Foundation scholarship are enormous, and includes:

Coverage of Financial cost of studies

The Scholarship covers the cost of a Scholar as follows:

Leadership Development Programme

The MRF Leadership Development Programme is made up of the following three components.

  1. Three residential Workshops;
  1. Three Regional group Pods;
  2. Mentoring.
  3. Second Year Programme

Residential workshops

The heart of the Leadership Development Programme is delivered primarily through a series of residential Workshops. These highlight and engage critically with the four principles of the Foundation, namely: Leadership, Reconciliation, Entrepreneurship and Education. The Workshops create a unique opportunity to build the individual capacities of Scholars, provide the space to engage with high-profile leaders and expert thinkers, build a sense of community within the cohort and connect incoming Scholars to the broader Mandela Rhodes Community.

The Foundation holds three Workshops of approximately five days each during the year. Attendance to the Workshops is compulsory for all Scholars. Since workshop dates will be given in advance, Mandela Rhodes Scholars must make the necessary arrangements where there are clashes with their academic calendars to ensure full participation in the Workshops.


Pods are regional gatherings which seek to:


The third component of the programme is a voluntary Mentoring Programme. The purpose of this component is to:

Second year Programme

The overall objective of the Second Year Program is to prepare Scholars to be more impactful in their respective sectors, while they are in the second year of their Masters. Using multi-disciplinary pod groups, design thinking and systems thinking principles, the pod sessions are intended to equip Scholars with the necessary mindsets and tools to action the principles of the MRF towards greater societal impact.



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